Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Kenya Moore Cries Over Baby's Heart Beat

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kenya Moore continues to shut down fake pregnancy rumors by sharing video from one of her first ultra sound scans...


Anonymous said...

I guess it's either a Kenya or Cardi post. So I guess I'll deal with a Kenya post. Please snitch not both.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry Im going to have to see the dr doing the scan live to believe...... and even then.. this lady lies and grins too much to be trusted.

Just an observation said...

Every since the folding bellygate happened women are not believing when an actual pregnancy is real. No one is that damn stupid hard up for attention as dumb dumb was. Kenya is entitled to enjoy every bit of being pregnant. Her so called stank attitude can't bother you that much. The bitch isn't even on Housewives of Atlanta anymore.

Anonymous said...

Just an observation
Nobody believes your black. You are a racist white TROLL. Who hates black folks, but loves sniffing up our asses.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:14 totally agree

prissa o said...

@Just kHole was definitely that damn stupid and hard up for attention. I will never believe kHole’s pregnancy was real.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask a question? What exactly did Kenya lie about that people for sure know was a lie?

Let me guess Walter's sour ass or Matt right?

Let's see....who believes the guy Todd from last season wasn't rented by Porsha for a storyline? Who believes Porsha with that body and her young age is interested in fucking Rickey Smiley?

Who believed Phaedra was really burying dead people?

Who believed that sweaty Italianguy was actually intersted in Nene and buying her million dollar gifts?

Who believes that that lame Cynthia has on the show is really her man?

Who believes that Joyce really thought Carmen was fucking tiny tucker?

If you dont like Kenya because she is educated and beautiful and don't take shit SAY THAT.

Stop with the fake reasoning on why you don't think shebis smart enough to never be humilated by faking a pregnancy while ON a television show.

The fuckery that you people come up with to be jealous is incredible!

She gotta go through a whole bunch of bullshit to FANS who follow her just to doubt her. FOH

L. Eller said...

^^Hey Tamara Tattles!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

4:01, forgive them, they’re haters, their heads are probably exploding every time her baby heart beats. Reality Tea is the worst with the I hate Kenya lames that congregate and talk about nothing.

Congrats to Kenya.

Anonymous said...

@4:18 not tamara. not kenya. not kanye's pr. just a commentor.

But umm you replied to me but answered none of the questions on wht only Ms. Bozak is the most hated housewife. Bethanny is a BIG bitch and Teresa is a convictes felon with Camille Grammer being batshit crazy. What gives on the bkack woman with a REAL crown, been in more movies than any of them with the beautiful eyes and home grown hair?

She had a 6 pack prior to conceiving but you all expecting her to look like honey boo boo at 3 months.

Do me a solid though watch the kardashians on family fued this sunday and study khloe's baby "bump " also check every single pic she took and ask why she always was cradling the bottom near the crotch. Most real pregnant women hold and circle the middle of their belly not the bottom.

If you wanna go on a rampage on someone faking a pregnancy there is a person you can target.

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