Saturday, June 30, 2018

Kenya Moore Shuts Down Firing Rumors

For weeks there have been rumors that Kenya Moore had not been asked back for the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta [click here if you missed that].

Kenya shuts down the rumors once and for all... informing her fans she is currently reviewing contract offers.


dreadee said...

All these years on the industry, and this show is all you got. Yikes.

Anonymous said...


Exactly. Kenya's an actress but ZERO bodies are checking for her in Hollywood #Sad

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

I swear all these "women" look transgendered.

Anonymous said...

oh bitch please YOU are the one that suggested you were fired w/ that sad ass green screen video talking about "you'll hear about my journey one way or the other" i don't go to no damn radar, i heard the suggestion from your trolling ass. anyway i don't know why so many dykes in here love to lick her coochie.

Anonymous said...

She'd be better off shutting the fuck up until the ink is dry

Anonymous said...

all those years in the biz and she is doing reality tv and barely. This is the true reflection of not preparing, not planning, and not thinking. The industry does not recognize this kind of tv. sad ....

Anonymous said...

Yes being on TELEVISION is whack said

Regina King
Bow Wow
LL Cool J
Halle Berry
Damon Wayans
Jennifer Lopez
and more

Those of us who have NEVER been on TELEVISION and will NEVER be know that our 9-5 is much more respectable.

Eva PIGford was on the runway and right next to Tyra now she's right next to Nene.
What that mean? Just say yiu don't like Kenya and don't have a reason why and so you find a way to belittle her blessings. It's okay to be jealous, it's a human emotion.

Niggas like oh getting tv checks is whack lol.

Anonymous said...


Kenya, there are plenty more RESPECTABLE jobs to have than being on fucking television. Like being an educator, a medical assistant, hell a fucking garbage man has more dignity and purpose than an ACTOR.

But that's not the point here, the point is your complete and utter IRRELEVANCY to the movie industry. What Hwood exec is watching RHOA? NONE. What director is looking to build a movie around you? NONE. What producer is trying to build a show around you? NONE.

Focus on your "marriage" because your career has been a joke since your little Waiting to Exhale cameo.


Anonymous said...

@12:14 NOT Kenya but of I could I would tell her that I hate her smile in that pic it gives me Kim K sunken face.

But thats neither here nor there.

Phaedra and your fake ass read, why are you expecting Kenya to move BACKWARDS? She's been in movies, she's been in music videos, she's been on sitcoms. Why are you acting as if Mona Scott Old picked her off of Instagram and put her on TV.

Like Regina who has been in movies and now tv, like LL who has been rapping since 16 and has been in movies including one with MRS. Moore (deliver us from Eva) is now on tv, like J lo who started on tv went to movies, thinks she can sing so she tours and is doing Vegas and is on tv like Halle was a Bond girl and worked with Travolta yet is on TV.

What is your point?

A garbage man has a better field than getting a Bravo check? That right there shows the depth of your jealousy.

Kenya's not trying to be in any movies or else Kenya would be AUDITIONING for movies. How is that hard to understand?

Kenya has BEEN there and DONE that.

The points being repeated about poor Kenya sound stupid as fuck. This woman has a CROWN in real life.

But anywho no matter what I say can get the hate out of your heart. The fact that Apollo wanted to get in them guts hurt your to the core.

Yet you continued to call him your HUZZZZBAND and rolled your eyes at Ms. Bozack.

Kenya's resume throughout 3 decades in Hollywood speaks volumes. While you fucking convicts on air mattresses and stealing dead people's identity.

Judgemental much?

Anonymous said...

Kenya and her nasty crusty lies are done. If she had been asked back she would just ignore these stories and appear on the show during episode 1. She's only responding because she's a mentally deranged con artist who now has a bruised ego. Production wants you to prove you're not lying about all the stunts you've pulled and you can't. It's over and 90% of the viewers are glad.

Anonymous said...

To: 12:14

You are correct. She has flaunted an illusion of a career. Guest roles are her middle name. Never supporting cast member or anything of significance. Whatever happened to supposed roles behind the camera? I guess that's another lie she told.

H. Jones said...

Leave Kenya alone...she doesn't have to prove shit to nobody. What's wrong with you people? It's all smoke and mirrors. All this shit is fake...why focus on?

Anonymous said...


Thank you. "illusion of a career" is a great way to put it. Kenya Moore will be remembered as a faded beauty queen, nobody's actress, nobody's FAMOUS, and definitely nobody's fabulous.

Anonymous said...

and Phaedra will be remembered by never winning a case, cock eyed Bob Whitfield beat her in court with NO degree.
Not knowing her due date with her FIRST full term pregnancy, who does that?
Taking drug money for fee in parking lots.
Fucking on air mattressws with dudes she picks up from jail.
Everyone around her going to jail.
Mr. Chocolate
2nd kid who looks like Mr. Chocolate
Setting her best friend up to be fired
Sabotaging her last bff multipke businesses
Trying to con Kenya out of a fitness joint venture and monies owed
Wearing a prayer cloth in one scene and a fishnet bodysuit in another.

As ling as Kenya's name appears when the credits role she's good.

OAN and that footage of her and that sash and that CROWN that will always be around.

Jealousy is good for the ego, keep it up irrelevants. Just can't see a woman happy and keep it moving.....

ouzad said...

Ya'll all whack, they pay those girls upwards to 1.5 million for 5 months of work....stop hating!!!

Anonymous said...


Naomi Campbell can clock that with one night on her back, your point? RHOA is trash, the show does nothing for positive for anyone and should've been cancelled years ago.

Anonymous said...

^^^ get the hate out of your heart!
Who hurt you? Its a BEAUTIFUL fucking summer day and you comparing a womans television role to a model prostituting?
get the sodium out your diet luv.

Anonymous said...


Kenya no one hates you we just want you to GO AWAY.

Anonymous said...

#5:44 Im still not Kenya. But you are MISERABLE as hell boo.

Just standing in the sun for 10 minutes can brighten your mood. Gell well soon Bitch.

Not one reason listed why you don't like this woman so with all women that means its her looks that got your pussy clenched up.

Anonymous said...


Kenya NO ONE HAS TO LIKE YOU. Get it through your head. This isn't high school bitch, you aren't the prom queen. NOBODY HAS TO LIKE YOU!

Now Be gone!

Anonymous said...

the kenya koochie-licking krew came in right on queue. yall late bitches really in here writing whole soliloquy's trying to defend her? yall write more lawyer defense papers than phaedra.

Anonymous said...

She will return as a FRIEND, NO PEACH

Anonymous said...

lmao. STILL no explaination to the dislike LIKE I SAID. You want me to be Kenya, I'll be Kenya but w/o the dude. Don't think he's attractive just my opinion.

You see I'm a GROWN UP. So if I go on a BLOG and say that I don't like someone, I'm gonna have a reason and not keep replying like a 13 year old that I don't have to have a reason.

As for Kenya koochie licking clique. That also means that people that defend numerous celebs on numerous posts are part of their koochie licking clique to or nah? Just Kenya? Oh okay.

I don't understand or practice jealousy maybe thats why I don't get it.
I compliment other women give them a chance to GIVE me a reason not to like them.

Can't do nothing about how beautiful God made another woman, so why be mad?

Yall stay on that Diamond Crystal though......

Anonymous said...

Kenya Moore is gorgeous. That's all I got.

Anonymous said...

@10:01 bitch you STILL writing chapters???? GURLLLL... saddown!

Anonymous said...

@12:34 You are the donkey of the day....
read the TIME then check what day it is BITCH!

I'm loving the fact you had no rebuttal for an entire day except "sit down".

My bet is you ugly aa shit and don't like ANY women.

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