Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Lil Scrappy Injured in Serious Car Accident

Atlanta rapper and reality star Lil Scrappy frightens fans after posting pictures from his hospital bed following a serious car accident...


✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

As kooky as she is, I gotta give it to her she IS where her kids need her to be. She isn't perfect, but she is a good mom.

Anonymous said...

Everything's a fucking show now...I swear fools would live stream from beyond the damn grave nowadays...still trying to party hard with a baby on the way and almost got Shawty Lo'd...dumbass

Anonymous said...

I must say that this season is absolutely DISGUSTING. Mona has these lowlifes recreating deaths and funerals for fucking ratings!

Shooter at his sons "funeral" with a white tee shirt and jeans, kirk and rasheeda in matching little kids outfits on again at his mothers gathering even matching cross necklaces it is now a pure mockery.

Mimi serves no purpose I guess she shouldn't have wished Joseline gone so bad. She now sits with the new cast and just runs back and tells whoever wasnt there what happened. Thank god she reads the blogs and covers up those horrible titties now.
I know NONE of the new male additions. Karlie is a fucking BIRD. The chick that has Scrap's kid left the show after she found out about Tommie, supposedly got married and had a kid.

Now she is back and Scrap about to get out and she wants to work things out. And she's being messy as hell with the alien head girl Jasmine. What happen to Jasmine's pimp from last season?

What happened to UGLY loud Mimi? Mona is all over the place.

Sierra looks like lil Kim if she had left her face alone, but she is dumb as HELL. Rasheeda leta kurt and all his earrings move back in but he can only use half the house and watch half the tv.

They using the fuck out of Tommie then dissing her. Erica Mena is always coked out her mind.

Estelita is fucking Stevie in real life thinking she's gonna get put on.

Mama Dee and Karen Kingbwent and bought new bodies and look stupid ass FUCK. Thatbloud loud talking chick that wouldn't let dude see his son because he wont be with her irkes my soul.

Why in their confessionals everyone has their tits out and does the same hand and shoulder movements?

Why is everyone throwing their purses instead of drinks now?

Tokoyo looks just like Angela Simmons, pretty girl BUT she does have a slick mouth. Still wasn't cool what Spice did because in that instance she was being cool.

Spice is ugly and Jamaican chicks tickle me because they stuff their rolls in spandex they thick not fat.

How did Tokyo fall? Did they tackle her to the floor? How didn't she break one of her claws?

What the hell isna Tobuis? Where's Stebbie?

Oh and Scrap having the same kind of accident the Migos dude did. Posting the same shit he did and posting pics like he did. You're pretty desperate tongo this far just to be on VH1.

Only thing he gonna get is addicted to painkillers, like his mom and Karen.

Moma D talking bout ernest in the crack house with prostitutes. then he all plump and regular and home 2 episodes later.

Mona needs to hit me up. I have quite the imagination.

Anonymous said...

@7:46. THOSE God Awful 'Gorden Cantrell' Denise Huxtable Shirts Mama Dee & Erica Had On In The Confessionals

S/N. I Can Not Be The Only 1 Who Sees The Mother/ Daughter Resemblance ?!

Melissa Is A Creep Ugh

ReSheeda A Damn FOOL. She Has Aged 10 Years Since The DNA Conformation. She Said "Cuh You Got Extra Bills" As If Kirk Ordered Bacon On His Burger. W His Nonchalant Ass.

Keely Needs Her Ass Beat 1x. Type Of Lo Bro Hoe Is A Reason These Hoe Ass Niggas Get & Keep A Pass..

& Miss Orben Redenboker Needs To Be Popped In The Eye. Her Mama Tried To Tell Her..

& Amber Not 'Pretty' @All Looks Like She The White Hood Pass Around That Everybody Done Nut In & On...

BK Fine AF But He Stooped To Low W That Cum Rag..

It Is All A Mess. Really...

Miss JI said...

@746 pure comedy. You need your own blog! I’m cracking up.

Anonymous said...

Mama Dee And Karen git California Raisin faces amd Black Chyna bodies wtf? Karen's dentures make me have anxiety I just know they gonna fall out with the wrong "th" word.

Where's Tammi and Whacka? Why are producers part of the show now?
Will Mimi or Rasheeda ever have a fight?

Will Kurt ever get his Adam's apple checked?

Is watching a man out on all those necklaces, and rings, and bracelets AND earrings sexy?

When the James Harden dude told the loud mouth chick there's a big ass hole in the wall you should go through it LMAO!

Make up on titties looks stupid....


k rutledge said...

@7::46 you took the words right out of my 👄...

Felicia said...

Glad I don’t watch that.. Lost brain cells trying to understand what @7:46 is saying..

Anonymous said...

@7:46 Everything you said!
@8:09 Melissa is a certified creep! And who the hell keeps inviting her places with her messy ass?! Fake ass diplomat.
And Rasheeda is a certified fool/dummy! With them Bobby Brown bags under her eyes. She's letting Kirk's o'l ugly, funny shaped head ass age the sh*t outta her! Aint no way in hell!

Tippie Toes said...

Why is this on social media #Ugh

The King Of The Real said...

What did i just read

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