Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Raven's Home Season Two Trailer

Back in October Disney announced Raven's Home had been renewed for a second season [click here if you missed that].

Here's a first look at season 2 ...


Anonymous said...

Has she started eating the girls coochies yet? If not, I'm not watching.

Anonymous said...

This bitch needs a diet instead of making up insulting FOOD names like Watermelonisha or whatever the fuck she said.

You can tell obsedity isnt in her dna because of how she looked as little Oliva.

This hating bitch didn't know eating SNATCH is high in calories and eating all that other shit then instantly going to bed is making her resemble a wide receiver.

Funny shit is she cocky as fuck fat as fuck.

If she lost 200lbs she would be worse to hear and deal with.

Whoopie 2.0....big back bitch

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