Thursday, June 28, 2018

Russell Simmons and A.J. Calloway Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Author and domestic abuse activist accuses Russell Simmons and A.J. Calloway of sexual misconduct...

Sil Lai Abrams tells The Hollywood Reporter she was raped by Russell Simmons in 1994 and sexually assaulted by 106 and Park's AJ Calloway in 2006.

Russell was an old friend of hers and AJ she met through work. Sil Lai Abrams previously wrote about the assaults in her 2007 book No More Drama. The characters Ronald and Ray were based on Russell and AJ.

Sil also reveals she was interviewed by MSNBC's Joy Reid about the assaults but the interview never aired.

 Go here for Sil's full account.


Just an observation said...

Well Damn! AJ!!! His stuck up bougie ass finally got bit! Muddafucka!!!!
I knew Free wasn't lying about his shady ass.

Anonymous said...

AJ seems so clean cut. But that don't mean shit. Those guys are the main ones.

He probably did take his penis out. I believe he did. But was it rape tho?

Also, did AJ force her to jack him off?
I didnt read or I missed that part. If she indeed had the dick in her hand and felt some kind of way, she could yanked it, squeezed the shit out of it and bit the hell out of too. Until he screamed for life!
And grab those nuts as well.
I dont know about this one??? But, maybe she feared for her life (giving benefit of doubt).

Didn't Russell just ridicule Terry Crews for his assault? Fuck Russell's arrogant ass. They need to throw the book at him.

Anonymous said...

Not buying it. Had to scroll thru half the article to find out she'd been sleeping with him for years.  Was with another man when she decided to stay out till 3 am partying w Russell. Went back to his house. Instead of taking a cab home. And got in his bed and passed out. ???

Anonymous said...

some people will never believe women. some people will only believe in sexual misconduct is when a gay man inappropriately touches an alleged straight man in a crowded party. then yall down to the congress having hearings and shit, but let 50 women come out against Pill Cosby suddenly it's ALL THEM WHORES IS LYINGGG!!

Anonymous said...


Free was a known hoe herselfm she stsrted out as a rapper..did som4thing on Keith Sweat's " Too Hot" song. And was in BBD's Word to the Mutha video. She was know un 5he industry for fuckin for tracks.

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

Welp, where's the strap Russell? Didn't you and 50 have "LOL"s on Terry's behalf because he is a man that testified on the disgusting assault on him but that piece of shit entertainment agent?? Where's the laughs now? By the by, all the Bali and Buddha retreats in the world won't help you know.

Anonymous said...

The #metoo movement seems like a positive catalyst for men and women to take charge against their abusers.

But on another note, folks are trying to use the movement for a quick come up/check too.
Hell, seems you can go back to your high school days, several decades ago and damn near ruin someones career. It's ugly out there..

Anonymous said...

@ 8:21 am yeah, there will always be people who will try to take advantage of any situation. some folks just cray. but truthfully they are small percentage. i believe the majority of women (and men) who have shared their stories. the hollywood industry has been set up to sexually and financially exploit everyone really.women and children just tend ot be vunerable but trust terry crews ain't the only who has had his junk grabbed. he was actually one of the lucky men. a lot of these duds f*cking and sucking fo tracks/roles too. i don't feel sorry for none of the accused are we really surprised people like russell simmons are predators. i'd be more upset if it was someone like forest whitker he seems like a truly nice guy. lawd please no say anything on him. lol. but someone liek russ who openly stalked a teen and wore her down until he got her in his bed (kimora) when was damn near 40. naw not surprised at all.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Russell is lower than a maggot. Such shameful, evil and criminal behavior and he has daughters that will know all this one day.

Anonymous said...

And we automatically believe her..Why??

Anonymous said...

Aj has always been hella adorable, never heard anything about him until this.

Anonymous said...

When molested/raped/or fondled, by someone you's hard to report them,because you don't want to ruin their lives and we know we won't be believed.....Yes victims don't want to cause problems from the cops because some of us are quiet pushovers and we don't like confrontation....We are shocked and embarrassed that someone we know can assault us....Some vics do tell the cops but not all victims are that takes just one victim to tell then other vics come out in droves like the pill Ccosby case...Trust, if I'm ever assaulted again,Im gonna dig my fingers into his eye sockets!!!

Anonymous said...

@7:31.Sure Will NOT. I Do Not Know Any Woman Who Has NOT BEEN Sexually Abused/ Harassed / Raped.

11:22. Why NOT. Men Are Dirty & Gross. I Believe Her.


Anonymous said...


We don't engage w/JAO's racist, bitch ass on this site. Ignore that dummy. That racist, bitch ass troll isn't even worth your response on time.

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