Friday, July 13, 2018

Ben Simmons' Sister Confirms Kardashian Plot Against Tinashe?

Earlier this week pro basketball player Ben Simmons accused his ex-girlfriend, pop singer Tinashe, of stalking him and his new girlfriend Kendall Jenner [click here if you missed that].

Was Ben lying on Tinashe and did his sister just confirm it..?
Sure looks like it.

After the stalking rumors went viral Ben's sister had to battle fans where she made it clear she and Tiashe were still cool and 'liked' a post accusing the Kardashians of orchestrating a smear campaign against Tinashe.


Anonymous said...

The Kardashians do what they do. Lure black men away from black women. Then make black women look crazy. After that they end up making black men look crazy

Anonymous said...

Tinashe is such a cute girl. That's all I got.

prissa o said...

They are ALL in on it. People in the public eye know that being involved with a Kardashian is automatic attention (good or bad it doesn’t matter).

This is ALL FAKE. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Tinashe taking pics with either Kris or Kim at some party.

And we all know KenDull is gay and ain’t taking no man from nobody. Now if that was that Cara Delevagine girl, that would be another story.

Anonymous said...

5:39 But Tinashe doesn't want anything to do with him anymore. If anything Kendull and Bent Simpson are trying to use each other for popularity since they're both relevant. He's only insulting her, making her look desperate because she exposed him. Gaslighting at his finest.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

I hope Ben gets the attention he's
desperately seeking hooking up with a lesbian.

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

I am already tired of this story. Tinashe should move on and avoid being the same area as those 2 clowns. He will get his own karma, they date a man, and ruin him. Will his career get down? or will it be his sexuality? Will Ben become Bianca? Stay tuned to the next Keepin up with the Kardashians.

Anonymous said...

8:00 Will Ben become bianca!!!!!! Bihhhhh I wept!!!! Lmaaaaooo. I cannot believe this but then again what's not believable especially with this family. Tinashe just do you and fuck that lame ass nigga and the Kartrashians.

D L said...

Ben better not end up in LA cause if he do Lebron will never win a championship again.

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