Tuesday, July 10, 2018

LiAngelo Ball Joins His Father's Basketball League

Last year Lavar Ball removed his sons LiAngelo and LaMello from their prospective schools to play professional basketball in Lithuania [click here if you missed that].

This year LiAngelo Ball will play for his father's Junior Basketball League after failing to get drafted into the NBA...

According to a statement released by the JBL LiAngelo will make his league debut in Ontario, California on Thursday.

Weeks before the NBA draft LiAngelo said he wouldn't be playing in his father's league telling NiceKicks.com,
“I feel like that’s taking a step back for me. If I have to play in the G-League then that’s what it’s going to be. I’m not running away from the work.”
LiAngelo's brother LaMelo also plays for the JBL.


E-STROKES said...

Ol' Ball Head has ruined these kids careers. He doesn't know how to let them live their own lives. He pulled this boy out of UCLA when he found out there would be consequences for the stealing in China.

Then he sent both those boys to play in Lithuania.Then snatched them off that team. He got to play for his daddy, nobody else wants the drama they bring.

Lonzo ain't gonna like the new day LeBron is bringing to the Lakers. He probably won't start. I see this entire family fading back into the woodwork. Good gotdamn riddance, too.

Anonymous said...

He should have never took his younger son out of high school, and he definitely should have kept the other son in college. Let's see how this plays out 5 years from now.

Anonymous said...

You can't fight the WHITE OWNED NBA and win, Lavar your sons are ok ball players but unless the can FUCK with the RUCKER, West 4th and any other summer league they aren't ready.

Alien looking boys anyway.

Anonymous said...

poor Li'Angelo, he's the one that got ruined by his daddy, i hear he was the best player of the bunch and because of NBA rules he can only play in this joke league until he's 19 or go back over seas.
This kid should have had a chance to go to college and play if he so chose

Anonymous said...

News Flash: You aren't white ENOUGH.

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