Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Milan Christopher Says Teairra Mari Needs Mental Help

Over the weekend former pop star Teairra Mari was put on blast by Milan Christopher for leaking her own sex tape for a Love and Hip Hop storyline [click here if you missed that].

Now Milan says Teairra needs mental help...

In an interview with TMZ Milan describes Teairra's erratic behavior and claims he was with her when she leaked the sex tape.

He also said he forgives Teairra for involving him in her scandal because her issues go beyond drugs or alcohol.


Unknown said...

And you are"telling" this now, why?

What is your endgame?

Why you being so messy Little girl?

Everyone knows Ol Girl is"touched" Andy don't nobody give a damn about her or YOUR messy ass so miss me with that shit!!!!!

Yougonhateme said...

And you are doing this for what? A STORY LINE!

dreadee said...

1124 exactly. They are all hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

A bump for HIS storyline

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