Thursday, July 05, 2018

Tim Savage Trolls R. Kelly Over Jerhonda Pace Interview

This week R. Kelly sex cult escapee Jerhonda Pace gave an explosive interview promoting her new book about her time with R. Kelly and exposed his alleged gay relationship with Rubie "Bubba" Cristyle [click here if you missed that].

Tim Savage, who has long accused R. Kelly of kidnapping his daughter Joycelyn [click here if you missed that], trolls Kellz after Jerhonda and RubiCris get into it online over her interview....


Sunni Daze said...

That interview was whew, this young lady spilled all the tea on the table and the floor. R Kelly really is dog shit

MsRedMs said...

But check out my girl Tasha k! That chick is the truth. Check her out on YouTube she talk cash money ish!

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