Thursday, August 02, 2018

Adrienne Bailon Caught Lying About Her Lifestyle

Oh dear.

The Real co-host Adrienne Bailon caught lying about her luxurious lifestyle...

In a video posted on Adrienne's Youtube channel last week Adrienne gives a tour of her Malibu beach house and talks about how much she loves her second home.

The gag is the house is actually $1,500.00 a night Air B&B rental.

Adrienne even gave a review two months ago noting her multiple stays at the property.

In the description for the video Adrienne asks her fans to choose which of her homes they like better, the one in Bel Air or the beach house in Malibu.


Anonymous said...

This heifer always seemed disingenuous
In My scarface voice "I never like that pos"

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! Talk about busted! LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

She took the bow wow challenge lol. Fake bitch.
Get ready for Tamar egg head ass in a minute.

Anonymous said...

This b right the time she hits 40,the karma gods will be putting in overtime.

LFrich said...

Go ahead brother and get your $1500 a night!!! Love it!

As for Mr. & Mrs. Piggy ... oh well!

Anonymous said...

What a dummy

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i think you guys are missing the point.
she is pooting this guy's business.
she is using her celebrity to promote his business.

she probably does stay there..not at $1500 a night but she probably got a discount for using her celebrity endorsement.

lots of celebs do what she does.

this is totally different to me if I read that Jay BOUGHT Bey-once AN ENTIRE ISLAND.

Anonymous said...

If she says "love" one more time!

That Diva Mama said...

This is an excellent marketing video. It may be her second home in the essence of choice places to stay. I'm sold on renting it.

Anonymous said...

This girl is a snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watch out cohost; she's trying very hard to be the head; she will take you all down. Never strust a man stealer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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