Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Charlamange Released Misleading DNA Report?

Last week Charlamagne tha God released a DNA report that was supposed to clear his name in a 16-year-old rape of a 15-year-old girl [click here if you missed that].

Not so fast...

According to The Star Report the only reason the DNA results from the victim's rape kit were negative is because the victim and her family did not cooperate with the investigation.


Anonymous said...

This nigga time is up and I'm here for it. Creepy mf ugh

Anonymous said...

As SOON as HBO annouces that his upcoming project is cancelled, and I hope they don't. We will not reas not nere nother post about CTG.

It's funny that with certain people the mass/public just wants their fame taken, their coins stopped.

But those white bitches want Weinstein in JAIL. They don't care about his money or his movies.

They want him to suffer for violating them. WE as a people want to sign petitions to get him fired from the breakfast club. WE want his HBO special cancelled.

All the crabs can't get out the bucket at the same time so this is where we are.

Anonymous said...

Hey @ 4:46! Way to support an alleged rapist!

At least we know where you stand!

Anonymous said...

If you were raped why wouldn't you cooperate?

Anonymous said...

No analysis does not equal not guilty, in a small town poor town in SC, If the victim didn't cooperate why would they pay for an expensive DNA test, THEY WOULDN'T!!!! The mother mother moved her child away after she was traumatized by the rape. Now the adult victim wants justice

Anonymous said...

This is bullshit! Why wouldn't they cooperate? They are really trying to bury this fool. This is beginning to smell like lots of lies.

Anonymous said...

The child's mother thought the court trial would be too devastating and humiliating for her,so the mom wanted to move on and try to put it behind her. Plus, the mom didn't want to look bad either for not knowing where she was that night. The mom really dropped the ball because she was shame of the rape so she let her child suffer.The child had no choice in the situation,
Children can't be questioned without permission! Also, Cops and prosecutors often discourage victims by telling them they will have to recount embarrassing testimony in a packed courtroom. That's a lot on a child. CTG is guilty as sin!

Anonymous said...

CTG, fooled you all because most of you don't READ the fine details. The document doesn't prove innocence. He played you all good. The document only proves his DNA wasn't used to search for a rapist because the mom shut the case down because she was ashamed her girl was raped. CTG knows this but he twisted the facts as if he was proven innocent when the kit wasn't even analyzed on the victim. The hospital said she was RAPED. Most rapists wear CONDOMS. He admitted on an old podcast he got the little girl drunk and had sex with her and then his cousins wanted to rape her too. I heard him say he showed his cousins her 15 year old body naked. He pled guilty to a lesser charge of giving alcohol to a minor. He was not found innocent, he just pled down.

Anonymous said...

No, Charlamagne the rapist is getting his comeuppance in life. You can't blame black folks for his downfall. Karma found his address showed up and moved in.
I hope HBO drops his coon ass. One less black fool cooning on TV.

Anonymous said...

I was attacked at age 12 and almost raped by my brother's friend who was 17 or 18. My mother refused to call the police and didn't even comfort me at all. She was mad because it embarrassed her.The lack of justice tortured my mind for many years and i felt all alone....Even my brother said my attacker was just playing...I guess knocking me down, spreading my legs with a skirt on and humping as I screamed and fought was all in good fun. I was the problem in their eyes and my attacker was a good guy. I hope CTG rots!

Anonymous said...

This all smell like a smear campaign by the mere fact that every time I look up there's a story and a ton of comments coming out of nowhere going in on Charlamange. It wouldn't matter if we saw a video of 10 other guys raping this girl and someone would post a comment and say The Video Was Edited. This shit smells fishy.

Anonymous said...

I'm 4:46.
Listen I don't know if he raped that girl and YALL DON'T EITHER.

You all are using your hatred for CTG to wish thebworst on him and I FEEL that its not fair.
Yes he USED to be a miserable piece of shit. YES HE USED to be petty as shit but that does not make him as one commenter addressed an "alleged" rapist.

He didn't always look like he does now. He used to say some HORRIBLE about black women. But to see someone evolve and change is growth.
Saying that I'll say this again.

Why is the goal to stop his MONEY? You know why? Because thats all BLACK PEOPLE care about.

Her mom was embarrassed for being a bad mom but now that he has millions she's okay with the embarrassment? All the pain and flashbacks gonna go away for a few dollars?

The main objective I keep reading is that you all want him to lose his job. Why is that? Is that justice for raping a minor? No it isn't.

But you all are worried about he be financially better off than being a alleged rapist.

If he did rape her there is no escaping his karma. But I am not putting no negativity out there in the universe over something that is alleged.

It would even be more believable if she had crawled from under her rock when Black Privilege was FIRST released. Grimy shit doesn't go unnoticed.

This man been on the radio for DECADES, not hard to find or serve. If this was personal over pain and the need forclosure it would be understandable.

But just like yall concerned with his MONEY and not him being persecuted for an alleged vicious crime so is she.

Now she got her ugly mug on TV hoping Today, Extra, Wendy and Dateline gonna call her and PAY for interviews and they not. Puffy ain't gonna reach out to her and have her up on Revolt. White America don't care about a chick that waited almost 20 years to sue her accused rapist that is on the radio easily found every damn day.

Anonymous said...

@6:58, an adult male plied a little girl with alcohol. Have you asked yourself why he was riding children around and giving them alcohol? He admitted that he got her drunk and sexually assaulted her. He said the victim asked him if his cousins had messed with her too while she was out of it, and he said no but they came in and saw her naked. You are sick to defend slime ball who hurts children. He said she was incoherent when they had sex. He refers to her as the victim. What man calls his accuser a victim? Freudian Slip! God made him tell on himself!

Anonymous said...

7:20, You are either a pervert too or as dumb as a box of rocks. We dont know him, but we know the behavior of predator because they all have the same mode of operation. Smh rapists are not very hard to figure out. No amount of editing twisted his words which was that he 1st gave her illegal alcohol that was spiked with a substance, 2 he waited until she was out of it to have sex with her, 3 he admitted his cousins saw her naked, 4 she asked him later on what happened and how many men touched her 5 the HOSPITAL exam revealed she was raped....So, how is anyone targeting him, fool?

Anonymous said...

@7:32 I am neither. I am just not a follower, I don't jump on shit cause everyone else is doing it.

I evalute the WHOLE situation and ALL parties involved. I never have been told a rumor and repeated ot nor have I disliked somebody becauae somebody else doesn't like them.

Truth be told I couldn't stand Charla say 5 years ago. But respected that he saw that he needed change. Maybe it was Kim having them dudes run uo on him or Busta standing face to face with him but he changed his whole persona and THAT is respectable.

I also know that during the time that this hapoened I was that girls age maybe. Girls were fucking and kying to their parents. Girls were consenting to drink and Spanish Fly was at local bodega's. Not saying anything is right but to say rape to save your reputation is WRONG. Period.

I can have consentual sex with a man tonight and say that he raped me tomorrow. I can have a rape kit performed on me and get her same results.
Not saying it didn't happen. But only me and that guy would know that I was all into it.

If the motive behind this is as it is presented she should have surfaced as soon as he hit the radio. As soon as he hit mtv.

What I think recently it became oh aint that the guy you used to mess with? Oh he doing big things now oh he's blowing up. And boom came an idea.

I can't fathom a mother letting jer daughter get a rape kit done and informing the police and then like you know what ? Forget it.

Rape is nothing to be played with and NEITHER islying about it cause you scared what the neighbors or your church or boyfriend will say.

Do she want him to go to jail or she want him tonsettle with a paycheck?

You cannot tell me that he is dumb enough to tell a story of rape being at this point in his career of he thought it was rape. He spoke about it openly because ot was an experience and not a crime imo.

Anonymous said...

He opened the door when he when he went public with the story, had HE not brought it up (put it in a book, and made money off of it), well someone who was there has another side of the story to tell and has every right to tell it, Charlamagne' position in life now be damned!!!!

Anonymous said...

From the get go, Charlemagne has been attempting to control the narrative of this story. He's loosing his grasp of the situation and I'm glad about it. Keep exposing this child predator for who he really is. Fucking predator! Stay on his neck!

Anonymous said...

But these FACTS were available the entire time you all were running with his many versions of the event. Now look at the comments...y'all be the same folks want justice for emmit till cause his false accuser still alive with one foot in the grave but want to dismiss this black woman's pain. The fraud wrote about it in a book (false account), JOKED about other rape like encounters he's had similar to hers and its "lets let it go" now? Bye y'all .

Anonymous said...

From now on can criminal and rape allegations go through the police?.not social media..

Charismaspeaks said...

People will take whatever someone says at face value. This test clearly states that no semen was found on the victim anywhere. And no skin was found under her fingernails either. A DNA test was performed otherwise there would be no report or it was say no sample was provided. So she did cooperate. People don't use their common sense for shit. It is so annoying. Now this is not to take slim's side though. Just because there is no DNA evidence don't mean a rape didn't occur.

Anonymous said...

@3:57, you moron there was no DNA under her nails because she was unconscious and therefore non combative! Geez, what a dufus. Many rapists wear "condoms" , hence no no
Nut juice, dummy. Smh

cooksta said...

it was always there
people simply refused to look

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