Monday, August 13, 2018

Donald Trump Slams Omarosa Manigault

Donald Trump slams Omarosa Manigault after she leaks audio of him claiming he didn't know she'd been fired from her White House position...


Anonymous said...

We all know Drumpf is lying because his mouth is moving. I believe nothing this liar says.

Anonymous said...

But you hired her four times, so what does that say about your erratic behavior and lack of decision making skills
This presidency is a joke a nd laughing stock
The white media is eating this woman alive while ignoring the blatant nepotism and house full of unqualified people
Ben Carson you're next

Anonymous said...

^^^he wanted that black tail.

Anonymous said...

I am by no means defending Omarosa of all people, but that orange bastard called her a DOG. Tweeted that shit an hour ago.

She may be many things, but ain't no white man gonna call no black woman a dog and we sit back.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

He's really terrified about what she may have secretly recorded. Im enjoying seeing him so shook.

You mad Donald?

Anonymous said...

This is the MOST PETTY & most unqualified, most undignified person who has ever held public office in the history of the US. This trashbox MF is the PRESIDENT!!!!

Doesn't he have some presidenting to do instead of trolling Omorosa???? FOH!

Can't stand this orange ditch pig.

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