Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Fat Joe Sued by Ex-Business Partner

Last month rapper Fat Joe's former business partner was convicted on fraud charges for stealing credit card information from their high end sneaker customers [click here if you missed that].

Now the ex-partner is taking Joe to court...

According to reports Joe's former partner Scott Spina filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court claiming Joey escorted him out of the store 20 days after the launch, banned him from the premises and then hired employees without consulting him.

Spina also accuses Joe of creating a separate bank account to divert funds from the business.

He is suing for breach of contract.


Anonymous said...

Good sue that fat funky coon. Take all his change. Fuck him!

Anonymous said...

Bro - you were stealing customers personal information. What else did you expect? A full out launch party?????

Anonymous said...

I don't blame Fat Joe. It took him a minute to clear his tax debt. The fuck??? He is not trying to get caught up in his shady ass side deals. Dude must be smoking!

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