Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Lil Kim Saves Home from Foreclosure

Last month rapper Lil Kim almost lost her New Jersey mansion to foreclosure [click here if you missed that].

"Almost" is the operative word here...

According to reports Lil Kim was able to save her home from hitting the auction block after agreeing to a new payment plan.

Kim has been ordered to pay the creditor who was trying to foreclose $32,297 to cover three past due payments plus interest and legal fees.

Beginning next month Kim will have to cough up $10,000 a month and if she misses just one payment the creditor has the right to auction off her house.


Anonymous said...

F-up Face R not u worked 2 hard n 2 long 2 not have a roof ova ur head, happy 4 you home girl

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

It is most people's desire to live in a nice house, with nice landscaped grounds, however some of these celebrities work in an industry that is very fickle and how long is a rap career really? I don't see why they cannot buy a modest home that can be easily paid off for, instead of these mansion type homes they obviously cannot afford when the work dries up.

I mean what really steady income she has coming in to pay for that house? and why not buy a house back in the day when she was hot that could be paid off outright for? who is lining up to offer her any gigs, she needs a regular gig where she gets paid good money to pay off that house, and only has to worry about the taxes and utility.

I hope she is able to keep her house for her and her daughter, the reality is you need steady income or some type of investments on your money with interest to live on.

Anonymous said...

Good 4 U, Kimberly

#It's Hard Out Here 4 A Bitch!!!

Anonymous said...

10K alot of damn money...pretty sure she'll be in hot water sooner than later. Stop trying to live a lifestyle you can't realistically maintain.

Cher said...

Time to go yachting. Or to that country kim k and all them other broads be going to to get 6 figures.

Cher said...

Why didnt she ask jay z or puffy or Mayweather for the money. Would they say yes

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