Monday, August 27, 2018

Lyfe Jennings Baby Mama Tells His Son He Doesn't Want Him

R&B singer Lyfe Jennings shares video of his son's mother telling their child Lyfe has five other kids and doesn't want him...

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Fun Fact: In 2010 Lyfe was sentenced to 3 years in prison for kicking in one of his other baby mama's front door, shooting up her house and fleeing and eluding police [click here if you missed that].


K said...

Wow damn

Anonymous said...

He picked her, laid up with her, didn't use a condom. Sometimes you just can't fix stupid. Maybe it me!

Anonymous said...


Don balee me juh watch said...

Why would she have a child with a man that already has 5 other children with different women? Sad to say but unwed mothers and children don’t mix. Children need to be conceived in marriage so you don’t have a generation of broken children having more broken children. Do better.

Anonymous said...

Did you look for sympathy on social media while you were nutting in her? Nah, didn't think so. Sorry you didn't use better judgement but Im done with the "poor me" situations THESE GROWN ASS ADULTS KEEP putting themselves in

Mother Of Color said...

Folks ain't out here kidnapping penises, he needs to figure out how to cover it up or start clipping via a vasectomy. Dude is way too old for this petty and preventable BS.

Anonymous said...

Fuck this nigga! He has a million different kids by a million different women. He also has a gazillion restraining orders for shooting at women, stalking and breaking in their homes. Trust nothing he says, he's looking for sympathy from the "pick me' crew. Maybe if he had his child more often, he wouldn't have a babymomma telling his kids the truth about his sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust the words of a so called man that hasn't given any of his women and children stability but he so called woke
You're a big part of the problem sir

Anonymous said...

I can believe that he said that. He aint wrapped to tight. This is the same ninja with lyrics saying:
"Girl I wish
Oh girl I wish
Nothing but bad luck
Hope you never fall in love in life
Girl I wish
Oh girl I wish
Nothing but bad luck
Hope you get hit by a truck
And die"

Anonymous said...

That's why you don't have children to people you are not in love with or married to. Black Americans NEVER can get it right. This is VERY COMMON in the black American community 78% out of wedlock. But no, if it says out loud you get bashed like Mr. Cosby did. At this point I can understand why white people are racist...

Anonymous said...

^ grammatical errors but you catch my drift. For the idiots that are going to get mad, get mad, I DON'T CARE. This is the reality, the black Americans that are doing it right ARE SILENT this is why this issue remains. Until the good ones/decent ones call out the bad ones. THIS RACISM WILL ALWAYS BE AROUND. Nothing worst then defending blacks and then they turn around and disappoint and anger you to the fullest. I am done doing that.

Anonymous said...

To sum it up BLACK PEOPLE (Black Americans) YOU SUCK! This kid and all of the other bunch of kids he has is more than likely going to end up a statistic, like the majority of black boys. Black American women (and black women) make terrible mothers. I'm just saying. You see it in daily life. Instead of worrying about racism. FIX THIS BULLSHIT that is permeated your community.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you're a racist troll but I digress in saying there's also a great many successful black marriages that don't make a poll I know plenty and I don't uunderstand what that has to do with justifying racism and white people problems

Anonymous said...




Black Americans have had and do have a SERIOUS PROBLEM. They do not care that there are stats pointing out their criminal activity, out of wedlock, school drop out and illiteracy, generational poverty etc. THAT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR DECADES.

When will it be FIXED? When? when? when? This video is a VERY COMMON THING IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. SO MANY JOKES HAVE BEEN MADE ABOUT THE ABSENTEE BLACK FATHER. It's to the point that if you're black (black American) and have a dad show up anywhere people are SHOCKED. How sad is that? the dysfunction is THE NORM.

You all keep saying the N word. You all don't RESPECT YOUR ANCESTORS POINT BLANK PERIOD.

There is sooo much to say. I AM DONE DEFENDING BLACKS, BOTH ONLINE AND OFFLINE. I REFUSE to do so any longer. I am sick of the incompetennce from black workers, sick of the jealousy, sick of the lack of support, love, concern and compassion that BLACKS FAIL TO HAVE FOR EACH OTHER in any capacity be it family life or workplace.

Sick of black women giving birth KNOWING they don't make good mothers. Your child is a future convicted felon, you didn't know this?

Sick of the LOW STANDARDS of blacks as a whole.

The only time they care is when white people are being RACIST towards them, then they want to act like the community (black community, black neighborhoods are decent WHEN THAT IS A FULL SCALE LIE)


Apparently, I am the only black person on earth that didn't get the memo that white people own us.

Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, New Orleans, Detroit, Memphis etc ALL SHITHOLES what do they all have in common?


Unknown said...

May God put his hands on her and fix whatever it is that she has against him. Jesus take the wheel

Anonymous said...

Since you're the exception to the rule by saying "you all" tell us your secret and what you've done in your life to stand separate and apart from the so called stats you're raging about
Do tell us

Your Highness said...

@1:11 you are not black talking like that. Stop the effing madness. I could shut you down right now, but you are not worth it, at all.

I agree with the real posters on here commenting on Lyfe, he is truly clown records.

Anonymous said...

When you have to state that you are BLACK and not a racist TROLL. Means that you are one. We don't believe you. Take your drivel over to Stormfront those KKKrackers over there will give you a standing ovation. They love white racist trolls like you!!! GTFOHWTBS!

Don balee me juh watch said...

@1:11 definitely not Black!!!!

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