Friday, August 03, 2018

Mel B Can't Discuss Eddie Murphy in Her New Book

Ten years ago Mel B made all kinds of slick comments about her baby daddy Eddie Murphy, once implying she was the man in their relationship, after he denied paternity of their daughter Angel Murphy [click here if you missed that].

Welp, don't look for any of that slick s**t about Eddie Murphy in Mel's new book because theres a gag order in place...

From The Sun
MEL B vowed to “set the record straight” with her new autobiography Brutally Honest – but a legal gag means she has been blocked from discussing details about ex Eddie Murphy.
The Spice Girls star will face a hefty payout if she details their turbulent relationship, which resulted in daughter Angel, 11.
Despite the twice-married star promising the book would tell all about the men in her life, the 2007 gagging clause is causing a headache with the writing process.
A source said: “Mel has to be very careful about her chapter on Eddie, because they have a legal deal in place.
“That came in the aftermath of him denying being the dad of Angel and then working out a financial deal through lawyers.
“The publishers’ legal team are looking at how to get around problematic aspects of it, but Mel will not be able to talk about the financials or personal aspects of Eddie’s sex life.


Lala Jaymes said...

Even if Mel and Eddie ended things with roses and chocolates and sweet texts every morning...she STILL wasn't going to get a release to write anything sabout him in her book...Mr. Murphy does NOT play like that regarding him and his bidness...

Anonymous said...

If that's the case then the book is not worth buying. Try again Mel!

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