Monday, August 20, 2018

Nicki Minaj Set for Showdown with Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner

Last night Nicki Minaj snapped on social media blaming Kylie Jenner and her 6-month old daughter Stormi Webster for giving rapper Travis Scott the edge he needed to keep her new album out of the no.1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart this week [click here if you missed that].

Things are about to get REAL awkward...

The seating chart for the MTV Video Music Awards reveal Nicki Minaj will be sitting right in front of Travis and Kylie tonight at the VMAs.

Go here to see the seating arrangement.


KrysiJ said...

She clowned Remy about numbers, now numbers lie
She broke Aretha record, Aretha took the record back
She clowned Lil Kim about taking HER position and stole her style right from underneath her
She yelled at those people on that phone that were urging her not to drop and it backfired
Sat her azz on radio and Twitter all week talking shyt and spazzing and it backfired
She clowned Safaree and he got a book deal
She claimed a throne that had already been given to her and instead of pulling up other rap Queens she ask them all to bow down and it backfired
All this hate and anguish for Dj Self, Akademics, Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner even a damn BABY...but you ain mad at the fact that other females are gaining success tho....yea fukking right!

She was talking to herself when she said this shyt on air....but all that ego didn't give her fore warning about KARMA being a bytch. When asked about Cardi:

"I’m not going to bite my tongue,” stated Nicki. “You’ve got to have thick skin. People talk sh*t about me all the time. I don’t tell people to stop posting me because I see one bad thing about myself. You can’t expect to be liked and loved and praised all the f*cking time. Give me a break.”

You mad about album sales and being number 2 this time around cause you think people are going to see you as less of an artist than another and you absolutely HATE that.....YEA, YOU don't have to say that out loud (even tho you did say you thought you was "always better than niggas")but its more than obvious regardless. Don't let that rage eat you from the inside out, Be Humble....sit DOWN. #AllYouNickiStansNeedToBeRealWithThisGirl #ILikedNickiTooButNiggasPhonyAndIDoNOTCondoneIT #OutHereLookingLikeTheClownSheWantPeopleToSeeCardiAz #LilKimAinNEVERDidNoLameShytLikeTHis idc idc

Anonymous said...

@12:47 Yep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Travis Scott fan at all. Without, Kylie this guy was/is hot. He not only has an "urban" audience. He crosses over big time. I guess we all have our day and Nicki is most definitely getting hers. Nicki has never been humble. She's always been an arrogant ass and I wish she would just do away with this queen thing she has going on. She is not deserving of the title at all. I can't stand her and she needs to go the fuck away and not come back. She's a nasty and mean person. Nothing good about her. For so many years, she was able to high jack Lil Kim's whole style and make tons of money and get away with it. That right there, is a complete travesty.
Wants someone to refer to her as queen. She's not even worthy. She's a mean ass cry baby clown. She doesn't take accountability for anything. Good riddance!!

Anonymous said...

Haha nicely done to the person who drew up the seating plan!!

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Cardi--illiterate, one hit wonder, ghetto, ratchet and the list forever goes on.
One thing Cardi is not, is a bully and she is not arrogant at all. Only thing I see wrong with Cardi is her need to explain all the time. She gonna have to grow some thick skin. Cardi is on a planet called Kulture and Offset. She don't have time for anything else. Tending to her family and trying to make some money. She seems to be super sensitive in some areas and could grow up a 'lil bit.
Nevertheless, Cardi is an humble girl and she doesn't fuck with people. Not a bully at all. Nicki tho.... that's a another story.

Anonymous said...

and we all know Nicki will pick on a lil white girl. Be funny if Kylie hung out with Remy all night see if any smoke come that way.

Anonymous said...

She needed to blast her brother for fucking then refucking that child and ruining the kids whole life!!!! Fuck Oneola or wtf her name is. Miserable ass bitch that disrespected everyone she could. Come to think about it... The way Cardi takes slow bites of her humbleberry pie maybe she will stay in the game longer and be more tolerable than this ignorant, mad cuz its Monday bitch. Tomorrow she will be pissed that it is Tuesday.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Now what would make anyone think Nicky would fight a baby. Find out she told Stormi git the strap cuz when I see you at VMA's lil bitch it's the fuck on!

Anonymous said...

NM: Storrrrrrmi what's guud?
SW: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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