Saturday, September 29, 2018

Bravo Suspends Michael Darby

This week news leaked that Real Housewives of Potomac husband Michael Darby had been arrested and charged with felony assault and misdemeanor improper sexual contact after he grabbed a camera man's butt on set [click here if you missed that].

Micheal is put on timeout...

Both Bravo and RHOP production company Truly Original issued statements on Friday that filming of Michael had been suspended following their investigation of the incident.

Neither Ashely nor Michael have commented on the allegations.


Anonymous said...

He's rich and gay and closeted. She's a gold digging ho. What's the issue?

Anonymous said...

Michael is an old rich white man, so Bravo will find a way to sweep this under the rug. Michael is bisexual and Ashly knows it. The only thing Ashly sees is dollar signs.

Anonymous said...

He is so nasty looking like a boiled rat with the skin falling off. He's extremely disgusting. They are both bi-sexual. That's why he doesn't want more kids because right now he rather be knee deep in some ass than vagina.

Anonymous said...

We don't know the exact circumstances yet, as michael and ashley haven't commented.
It could be that the male victim could be homophobic or have some other issue with the darbies.
Also, a FELONY charge for "grabbing" someone's ass and a flirtatious look?
Nahh doesn't add up. There has to be more. Either he's been booked for this before, the person is underage, or there better be some serious bruising on that ass.

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