Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Monice Files a Police Report Against Princess Love

Last week Love and Hop Hollywood cast member Monice Slaughter begged to be released from her Love and Hip Hop Hollywood contract claiming it was destroying her sanity [click here if you missed that].

Now Mo has filed a police report against her cast-mate Princess Love...

From TMZ
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Moniece filed a police report after she and Princess damn near got into a brawl while filming scenes this week. Moniece alleges Princess threw a rock and a shoe at her. Sources close to Princess tell us she admits to chucking the rock, but insists it was Moniece who started the fight.
Meanwhile over the weekend Monice appeared to be bragging about fighting Princess.


Anonymous said...

Ain't this the same scary bitch who pretended to throw a chair at a pregnant Princess? And didn't Princess tell Moniece she wouldn't be pregnant for long? I guess Moniece thought Princess was playing and why didn't Moniece file a police report when she was trying to act all bad. Where was the police report then?

The King Of The Real said...

she just trying to get out her contract with a no contact order. it won't work, they will film it separate and chop it in editing

Tippie Toes said...

But Moniece posted that she busted past 3 body guards to attack Princess. Ewwww!

Anonymous said...

can stand her, exactly when she was doing all those things to people on the show its ok but now the table has turned its a problem. please!!!

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