Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Montana Fishburne In the Clear

Last week an arrest warrant was issued for Laurence Fishburne's daughter, former adult film star Montana Fishburne, for probation violations related to her DUI [click here if you missed that].

Montana has been cleared...

After proving that she passed her random drug tests and received permission to leave town, the warrant against Montana Fishburne was dismissed.

Montana entered an inpatient rehab facility in Florida last year [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful woman.

Anonymous said...

Although she looks like her father, she is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What are the underlying issues that haunt Montana? Is she battling some personality disorders or other elements of mental illness? Did the parents give too much or not enough? How can we the village save this child from herself?

prissa o said...

She looks totally different. I hope this pic is photoshopped. Cause she used to look like her daddy, but in this pic, not so much.

@Allihave2say - it's called MK Ultra and the price of being in that demonic industry. Folks refuse to believe, but it's true. I forget the guys name, but a white celebrity talked about a meeting he was having with some higher echelon white guy in the entertainment biz at his home. His daughter walked through the room and the upper echelon guy said "I'd like to fuck that" and the celebrity said "that's my 11 year old daughter". The echelon man was basically like "so what? I want it".... and this was between 2 white ppl. Imagine how much more degrading it is for black celebrities.

The King Of The Real said...

@3:20 you have some sick fantasies. What happned is just plain old daddy issues. Lawrence got caught up in hollywood young and he got put on to some large movies then he just kept working. Never really raising his kid right and she got in with the wrong crowd. that simple. hope she gets better. Yall talking about hollywood when you got every priest minister and politician involved in madness and debauchery

Anonymous said...

Ya must not have seen an interview that she gave BAAAAAAAAACK IN THE DAY. She said that she learned to do porn:
Home Training.
TMZ showed the clip & Harvey said, What does that mean? It never went further.

prissa o said...

@King of the Real - I've got sick fantasies??? Yeah right, sir. What I stated is not a fantasy. It was a real life person describing an encounter they had with an industry executive. Jesus be a clue, insight and some discernment.

Are you the type that if a person admits something out their own mouth, you try to convince them they don't mean it? Talk about denial. SMH

And the post is about someone whose father is in the entertainment industry. Why wouldn't we talk about Hollywood? If Montana's father was a priest, best believe I would refer to that. And in reference to politics, Maybe you haven't been around long enough, but a few years back I put up a LONG post about judges, Sherriffs, chief of police, senators, etc ALL who had been convicted of sexual misconduct.

In my opinion, nobody gets a pass. All are called out accordingly.

@4:25 EXACTLY! I remember that interview.

Anonymous said...

Ted Kennedy was the 'upper echelon' guy. No doubt Montana has had an 'industry' upbringing and is ...'troubled'. Her daddy worked with Michael Winner who was extremely sick and perverted. Anyway, she is very beautiful and that is sometimes a curse in Hollywood.

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