Saturday, September 08, 2018

Whitney Houston Singing at Bobby Brown's Mother's Funeral

Fans unearth video of Whitney Houston singing at the funeral for Bobby Brown's mother after the scene is featured on Bobbys' biopic on BET...


prissa o said...

Well, I just wish I could watch the video uninterrupted without this site crashing...😒

Let me found out Johnny could be a preacher in another life.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:39 He's a preacher's son.

Lex Neele said...

Why is rhymes with snitch posting this video it’s been on YouTube for years.

Anonymous said...

If He Is A Preacher Man's Son THEN He Was A Preacher In Another Life / World / Realm ..

Children Reincarnate AS Their Parents & Vice Versa Until The Debt Is Paid.

Anyways Ole Girl Was Whitney !!

"THATS MY Moma In Law Right There"

& Blew The Roof Off The Church.

My Very Favorite Scene From A Very Well Done Movie.

GOOD for Bobby

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