Friday, October 12, 2018

Ashley and Michael Darby Address Sexual Assault Rumors

Last month Real Housewives of Potomac husband Michael Darby was accused of sexually harassing a male crew member on set [click here if you missed that].

Michael speaks out after having his name cleared...

Michael, 59, told FOX 5 D.C.
“I didn’t do it. My name is cleared. I didn’t do anything. I’m completely exonerated, completely cleared.”
Michael also claims the accuser quit one day after filing the complaint, that his so-called witnesses contradicted his account and that somehow the guy got his hands on Ashley's cell phone number.


Anonymous said...

ALLEGEDLY : Michael is an old bi-sexual queen and everyone knows it. He is always feeling up on men. This isn't the first time..

Anonymous said...

This was his moment to come clean and he blew it.

Anonymous said...

She crazy ass hell ! He looks like a old prev!

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