Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Cardi B Blasts Disgruntled Make-Up Artist

Cardi B takes on make-up artist who claims she was her worst client ever...

About 8 months ago Texas make-up artist Blac Swan made a video talking about her bad experience with Cardi B claiming she had a horrible attitude.

Cardi recently caught wind of the video and claimed the MUA was late, high and did a bad job.


Anonymous said...

Cardi you get on my nerves responding to everything. You probably were an asshole.

As far as the MUA is concerned, why go to social media? Just don't fuck with Cardi anymore and keep it moving? Social media is a gift and a curse. It allows some folks to do waaayy too much!! It can be the spawn of the devil!

Anonymous said...

Social media is the devil

Anonymous said...

She has every right to go to social media. Someone treated her badly an hurt her feelings and she has every right to voice her opinions on whatever platform is available to her.

Anonymous said...

i believe the makeup artist.

Dj's Wifeđź’‹ said...

And this da broad dat says she wants another baby as petty as she is first she needs to grow tf up!!! Neva see her wit babyK guess she got somebody keeping da baby,cuz if she had da baby around her 24/7cuz they are a handful,she def.wouldn't want another1 so soon!!!

Anonymous said...

That makeup artist had one big name that she could have put on her resume but she fucked that up.
Don't post a video about a bad experience when you haven't had any big names under your belt. Now she is just going to be a special occasion makeup artist instead of a celebrity makeup artist.
Big dummy!

Tippie Hippie said...

I hate voice and dialect.

Anonymous said...

I believe this sister 100%
This broad seems to have passive aggressive communications with Black women, especially better looking ones
her culture has big ole colorist
hangups period and facts

Anonymous said...

Stop lying Cardi...I believe the MUA ANNNND I believe the chic u lived with in the're a nasty ass bitch..I mean who has a BOX of monistat at home..nasty whore

Anonymous said...

This was posted in January. Potential celebrity clients are booking her in Nevuary.

This is the most exposure this makeup artist has received and she is being clowned for doing a video for speaking out against a client that was her only big client.
Bad move. She should have sued for travel and lost time.
Not smart at all. It is now later in the year. She isn't known for her work. She's known for complaining about a rude celebrity on her YouTube channel. She mocks her voice and then the tears for sympathy.
No one has time for that shit.

Anonymous said...

Makeup Artist is two words not 3, dumbass. MUA is not an abbreviated word.
Stupid ass people

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