Thursday, October 11, 2018

Emily B Reacts to Indictment News

This week rapper Fabolous was indicted on felony domestic violence charges in New Jersey for assaulting his baby mama Emily Bustamante [click here if you missed that].

Emily reacts to the news..

After reports of Fab's indictment spread yesterday Emily posted the words "Stay Positive" on Instagram Live.


Anonymous said...

Fab been "fighting" for years. Someone needs to kick his ass like he been doing hers. Just from his photographs, Fabolous looks like a mean guy; a real jerk. There's never a smile or anything close to it.
Glad the state picked it up. Time for him to be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

Any punishment towards Fab will bring him and Em closer. She is LOST. Her father stood up for her and she still went back.

Anonymous said...

Where is ol boy who knocked out Suge Knight?.... I wanna see something

Anonymous said...

This dumb, lost in the muck and mire assed heffa.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Emily your simple azz should have posted:


cuz you are truly in danger. These type of women always think they can HELP or CHANGE an abusive man. Nothing can change that man but himself.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't want to be saved
Moving on to the next post

Anonymous said...

Let him keep beating her dumb ass after all he ain't had a damn hit until he hit her simple ass she so fucking stupid guess she still stay positive

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