Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Kanye West Goes to Washintgon

Kanye West scheduled to meet with Donald Trump this week...
According to reports Kanye West is scheduled for lunch with top Trump advisor Jared Kushner followed by a meeting with Donald Trump this Thursday.

Topics on Kanye's agenda include availability of job opportunities for former convicts and increasing the number of manufacturing jobs in the Chicago area.


Anonymous said...

On behalf of the folks in Chicago and Black folks, I hope he intercedes on our behalf. Hope this is more than a photo op. I think Kanye is better without the meds. Hopefully, he won't take them before he gets there.

Anonymous said...

Discuss the new MAGA hats & color ways!

Unknown said...

Haha, trump ain’t doing shit for them poor West Virginian white folks that voted for him. What makes anyone think he’s going to do anything for black folks. He hasn’t even open any investigations by the justice department on some of these police shooting.

Anonymous said...

Manufacturing is NOT coming back like these idiots keep saying. Automation and the unwillingness to pay fare wages (thats why they go overseas for cheap labor) are roadblocks that will not be goiing anywhere. But sure let the fools meet. Maybe that dumb ass stop and frisk policy Trump plans to implement in CHicago can be discussed as well. If Kanye is an example what a black man is in this country then we need some real black men to step up cause this weak insecure narcissistic idiot is only for his ego

Just my theory said...

On the show keeping up with the Kardashian several episodes over the years deal with the family slipping things into one anothers drinks and food.
One specific episode had Khris Jenner putting a drug in her husbands food. I believe they have been playing with his medicine increasing doses and slipping different kinds and amounts in his food and drinks.

A leopard never changes his spots. This explains these extremes like blurting out Kim is in Law school.He was already outspoken and spontaneous, but things have changed . Its different.

Anonymous said...

per capita CHICAGO ain't even in the TOP TEN most dangerous cities!! Since Capone, the media has been obsessed with spinning the city as if it's some hell on earth! Hell yea certain areas are rough, but that's because of ECONOMICS not because police need to be stricter!! CPD already have a secret torture building they take you to to coerce confessions (google it), how much MORE enforcement can you get? Create JOBS and then they will cut out all the petty violence over 20 dollars, cause if it's your last 20 and you don't know when you're gonna get another one, you don't know WTF you'd do if put in that situation!

Yall gun psychos want everybody to own fucking GUNS but don't expect nobody to use them? YEA RIGHT!! It's a lot of fucking people in chicago so of course incident rates are going to be high in certain densly populated areas!


Rank City State Approx. Population Violent Crime/100000 Annual Trend
1 East St Louis IL 27000 4888 -27%
2 Darby Borough PA 11000 3617 -13%
3 Opa Locka FL 16000 2807 2%
4 Florida City FL 12000 2551 0%
5 Flint MI 101000 2109 -18%
6 Detroit MI 704000 2059 -10%
7 Saginaw City MI 51000 2021 -18%
8 College Park GA 14000 1967 3%
9 Prichard AL 23000 1936 -16%
10 West Memphis AR 26000 1929 -32%

Anonymous said...

Kim is going to mess around and be the next First Lady...Watch...

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...


Anon said...

Kanye shall be the new ambassador to the UN since Nikki Haley quit today. That's what this meeting is about. Trump does this with his fans


Anonymous said...

Um... how many meetings is Trump going to have before he actually does something for black people? For almost 2 years now, black coon preachers, and celebrities have been meeting with Trump to supposedly discuss all types of ideas and opportunities, yet has a single law been changed or introduced that actually helps black people in any shape or form? Low unemployment for blacks is all Trump says, but those numbers went down under Obama and just continued to go down under him, yet he brags like it’s his accomplishment when he didn’t put forth a single policy that would effect black employment numbers. Trump just uses these sell outs as props and photo ops. He ain’t about to do shit.

Anonymous said...

Kanye owes Donald and Donald is dragging his black unmedicated ass around never letting him forget it. Kim does not give a fuck about Kanye. It is easier for him to self destruct than go for to go thru another divorce. He is over there with Tristan, Travis and NONE them give two fucks about his mental health. Welp he had to etch himself into their story book of a life and there he is. Hope Kim does not forget she got three kids with half his genetics.

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