Thursday, October 25, 2018

NeNe Leakes' Son Baby Mama Tells All

This week NeNe Leakes' oldest son Bryson Bryant's alleged baby mama, Symone Davis, accused him of being a drug addict and a dead beat dad [click here if you missed that].

Symone sits down for explosive new interview....

In an interview with The Armon Wiggins Show on Youtube Symone claims Nene turned on her after she got pregnant telling her, "Why would you want to have that baby!? It's going to be a drug baby, you know my son is on drugs."

Symone drags Bryson for having terrible hygiene claiming he went for days on end without bathing and left skid marks in his drawls.

Symone also claimed Bryson has three baby mamas altogether but NeNe only claims the two kids from the first one, and that the other one is a girl Bryson had group sex with in Alabama and that he's not positive it's his child.

At one point Symone tried to claim Bryson didn't have a problem with her talking trash about NeNe but about an hour and 16 minutes into the show Bryson called in, and over a bad connection, told Symone to quit talking about his mother before the line went dead.

Another caller who claimed to be a friend of Bryson's said NeNe once threw Symone out of her house for using cocaine, which Symone vehemently denied, insisting the caller had her confused with someone else.

At the 1 hour and 43 minute mark someone claiming to be NeNe's assistant Brandon called in and read Symone for filth and said NeNe is not in this child's life because there is no DNA evidence to say she should.

In the end Symone admits there was never a DNA test performed and apologizes for talking about Bryon's dirty underwear.

She also admitted NeNe told Bryson to tell her to stop sending pictures of the baby and stop trying to contact her.

Symone is an interior decorator and an aspiring actress and wants her own TV show.


Anonymous said...

Why can't gay men just act like a man and not an over the top, neck rolling, lip poppin, ass switchin, loud mouthed bufoon.

Don balee me juh watch said...

So knowing the boy was dirty and on drugs you still decided to sleep with him and carry a baby? She must be a complete idiot.

Anonymous said...

Who takes pics of shit stains in draws? That's crazy.

Anonymous said...

Typical family dirty laundry that should stay in the house and not the streets
Nothing explosive except there's a reality show person involved? She forgot the Walmart shoplifting and his tranny lover

Anonymous said...

@1:45 - Exactly. Everything she "disclosed" after that comment is null and void.

Unknown said...

OMG! The SHADE in this write up!!!
*over a bad connection
*line went dead
*never a DNA test performed and apologizes for talking about Bryon's dirty underwear
*aspiring actress & interior decorator �� ����

This lady is at critical, acute levels of dehydration.

No ma’am Pam!

Anonymous said...

So, it is his baby or nah?
I am sure everything she said is true but I just want to know if it is his baby of nah?

Anonymous said...

I have no one to blame but myself for clicking on this story. This is not explosive. Just plain tacky. 'Cept for his mother being known, why care about this rest of this mess. That's what I get. The blame is squarely on me.

Anonymous said...

Why give the BM of a D list celebs son the time of day???? Who in the hell is interested in that long ass interview about nothing???? C'mon Snitch is the tea really that dry out here????

Tippie Hippie said...


Anonymous said...

We gon past Z list round here...Cuban Doll, nobody # 50, I mean seriously this bottom of the barrel, articles for nobodies needs to stop...shit aint entertaining at all

Unknown said...

How amazing is it that Real Housewives of Atlanta is on its way back to TV and now this?

How much is Porsha paying her bisexual baby daddy to give to his ex and her daughter for their "convenient" drama?


How much is NeNe giving her sons manly baby momma for this "convenient" drama?

Next thing you know, Bryson gone come from inside the closet, under the shoes and admit he is dating EJ Johnsons AZZ!!!!

☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

This is ridiculous and embarrassing, that everyone involved should be ashamed. You are all grown folks LITERALLY, FIGURATIVELY airing out your DIRTY LAUNDRY, for reality tv.

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