Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Sisters Suing Cardi B Banned From the Strip Club

This week rapper Cardi B turned herself in to police after being accused of ordering an attack on a pair of bartending sisters, one of which she accused of sleeping with her husband Offset [click here if you missed that].

Now the sisters claim they've been banned from the club...

From Page Six
The bartender sisters who claim they were attacked by Cardi B and her crew have been banned from working at the Queens strip club where the brawl went down, their lawyer said Tuesday.
The siblings, whose real names are Rachel Wattley, 21, and Sarah Wattley, 23, went to cops — and now are jobless as a result, their lawyer said.
“They were told they can’t work there because of the complaint they made against Cardi B,” their lawyer, Joe Tacopina, told The Post. “They have text messages [that] say that from the club.”


Anonymous said...

Lol no shit...yall just some nobody come up hoes...Cardi aint no better but a celebrity and their money will always win out over everyday people when it comes to business. Stop spreading your legs to the wrong people, they wouldn't have this issue

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Unfortunately NY is an "at will" state. They can fire you at any time for any reason.
I'm sure these sisters will have no problem "working" at another strip club or bar.

Anonymous said...

This is all Offset, his wandering peen and Cardi's snitching Rat friend Black Lip Remy's fault. They dragged that bitch lips and her mermaid wig to kingdom come last night. Now Cardi not only has to share her hubby's dick she got to break bread with these hookers.

LFrich said...

Oh yeah ... these are bartenders. And what's up with sisters dressing up alike and posing in coordinating lingerie? I guess they have to show that BOGO offer somehow. Man if the thirst is not real out here.

GOODBYE, SNITCH!!! said...

I am making this my last day of coming on this site and any trash ass celebrity site as it is.

Cardi is the worst thing to happen to Black music. I swear to god I hate this damn woman.

WHY does everybody love a gang-banging, illiterate, nasty, trashy, uneducated, poor hygienic, deadbeat mother of a GHETTO WHORE like Cardi B? Is life really that fucked up for you all to sit up and say "Hey she's fun!"? If yo' asses wanna have fun, then take yo' fat and broke asses out the house and go find a damn festival, party, or a funhouse to attend? Better yet---have more fun and go to a damn library and read a fucking BOOK AND EDUCATE YOURSELVES!!

This bitch is proof that life is UNFAIR in America. But what do you expect in a country that allowed TRUMP to be PRESIDENT???!!!!!

I fucking hate this country!!! A bunch of fat ass, bad built, pop culture junkie, red meat eating, capitalist/money loving, poorly traveled philistines who are so unsatisfied and bored with their middle class lives that they live vicariously through trash ass celebrities!

Cardi B is bottom of the barrel, bottom dwelling, polluted, diseased, biohazardous FILTH! She and these two garbage dump strippers!

This trash ass bitch need to OD on meth and DROP DEAD!!! Her along with all the uneducated, low class, demonic, ghetto trash plague the Black and Hispanic communities!!!

Cardi B is a CANCER! She along with Trump and his administration, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, the Kardashians, Koonye, Jay-Z, George Zimmerman, all the mumble rapper thugs, pedophiles, rapists, DBR males, maidens of patriarchy, thugs, hoodrats, white racists, all of the music industry, all of the Satanists and Luciferians,need to be put on a huge ship in the middle of the ocean and lit with gas and blown up!

LET ALL THE GHETTO TRASH DIE OUT! Let them kill each other or OD on drugs!

LFrich said...

1:00pm told no damn lies (I assume you were the one with the novel on Rihanna's page).

KDeezy said...

@1:00 Bish U really took the time 2 write a whole dissertation on a celebrity blog page?????? #seekhelp

Anonymous said...

^ between 1:00 and Kanye ---------------- in Tyrese tears Whaaaaaat more do you want from me?????

☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

1:00pm:We been know all that lol

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