Wednesday, October 10, 2018

So So Def Tour Cancels More Dates

Earlier this week Jermaine Dupri announced he was postponing the launch of the So So Def 25th Anniversary Culture Currency Tour for production reasons [click here if you missed that].

Production must be REALLY bad...

...because according to TicketMaster all but two shows on the 11 stop tour have been canceled.

Atlanta and LA are the only dates that survived the cuts.


Anon said...

Good for them. Not interested in a single one of them. Not. A. Single. One.


Anonymous said...

Me too, they steady trying to get more and more a yu hard earned cash, fake reality shows, trap house party, fried chicken and wata melon sundays, how to put on make up mondays, dungons dug outs, like i'll see your azz on youtubes and the blogs and save my money 4 my house and childen's future

LFrich said...

^^^^ 1:06 said it!

Anonymous said...

Time to accept their time has come and gone.

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