Saturday, October 06, 2018

Tyga and Birdman Close to Reaching a Settlement

Earlier this year rapper Tyga filed a lawsuit against his former label Cash Money Records accusing them of withholding royalties from his music [click here if you missed that].

Tyga and Birdman are working things out...

From The Blast
On October 1, docs were filed in the case in which Birdman’s Cash Money is asking for an extension to respond to the lawsuit. Birdman acknowledges that his answer was due this week but is requesting until the end of the month.
He explains that Tyga has already agreed to the “extension of time to facilitate ongoing settlement discussions.”


Anon said...

That's a lot of talk for $7.63 of royalties.


☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

@2:42 pm first off Tyga needs that money. He got rents and utilities under his babies name!!!!!!! and second, Birdman has huge problem paying his artists royalties. I don't understand how artists keep fucking with him. Royalties at the end of a career of an artist will be keeping the lights on at home.

Anonymous said...

@11:42 Tyga does not have Rent or Utilites in his baby’s name. His hold was listed as an occupant on the lease. Just because you live on section 8 and use ur child’s name doesn’t mean everybody does.

Anonymous said...

If you do your research Tyga is well off. He has several business ventures.

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