Saturday, November 03, 2018

Drake Turns on Nicki Minaj?

This week Cardi B and Nicki Minaj had a knock down drag out fight on social media that involved a LOT of people including British rapper Stefflon Don, a former Nicki fan who came out against the Queen.

Last night, in a curious turn of events, Nicki's former bff Drake went online for a flirty session with Stefflon...

After Steff commented on Nicki and Cardi's antics and her subsequent dragging by the Barbs Stefflon Don went on Instagram Live and started interviewing guys for dates and Drake tapped in for consideration.

and then this happened.


NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

I hate throwing shade this early on a weekend morning before even having my tea or coffee. But this actor Drake playing a rapper is so fucking lame!!! ladies stay away from dirty dick industry males who are mk ultra mind control puppets, who have gone through all kind of mind altering trauma, and who are manufactured "talent" with a huge machine behind them with all the smoke and mirrors to hide the fact, these fools are nothing more than sex trafficked slaves, looking to feed on others.

His come on lyrics to women are so lame, if he was not the manufactured fake he was he would get no play and I will wager he is lame af in bed. Btw I don't even know who this broad is with her black woman blond hair persona. Oh and what she said about the pedophile enabler I saw no lies told.

Anonymous said...

Isn't she a little old for him?

Anonymous said...

Well, the Miss Teflon Don did not tell any lies either and she was not disrespectful in her delivery. Nicki calling Cardi out for not writing? So what? Know plenty of rappers and singers that are great at their craft and cant write for shit.This narrative is getting old. Does not negate the fact that Nicki is a nasty woman. She's really mean and a great actress. She needs to go into acting for her second profession. She plays the victim so well, but keep shit going behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Their young and having fun. This is harmless and women know his reputation.

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