Saturday, November 03, 2018

Lyric McHenry Suspects on the Run

This week there was an arrest made in the case of New Jack City producer Doug McHenry's daughter Lyric's accidental overdose [click here if you missed that].

Two other suspects are still being sought...

 From The Daily Mail
The man suspected of providing pregnant reality star Lyric McHenry with a fatal dose of heroin and cocaine before helping dump her body on a sidewalk, has fled New York for Florida, DailyMailTV can exclusively disclose.
The man, who appeared in security footage released by cops two weeks after McHenry was found dead on August 14, was traced to a Sunshine State apartment complex but ran before he could be arrested, her father Doug, 66, said.
The director and producer also revealed the suspects could face second-degree murder charges over the death of McHenry, who overdosed on a lethal mix of cocaine and heroin and then was dumped in the Bronx.
'They believe there were three males in the car with Lyric,' the grieving father told DailyMailTV.
'They identified the guy on the videotape, and discovered that he had fled to Florida. They made arrangements to arrest him down there and bring him back to New York.'
'They may well, as the investigation continues, add additional charges. This is certainly a case that may involve what they call ''depraved indifference'', which is second degree murder.
'It's an unintentional killing, but as a result of your depraved indifference. In other words, you were the last person in the last position to do something reasonable to save someone's life, and you chose not to.
'These guys were so scared and disinterested in the welfare of my daughter, they decided the best thing to do would be to drive all the way to another borough and dump her on a desolate sidewalk. That is a crime.'


Anonymous said...

That pic looks haunted.

LFrich said...

I know! She looks like a praying mantis, God rest the dead.

Anonymous said...

I truly thought she was a he in drag. I was shocked

ebonyhud said...

Bad taste putting this picture up. Its ghostly.

beantownbulli said...

Wasnt she pregnant🤔🤔🤔this is just sad!!!!

Anonymous said...

his daughter was found dead and every time you turn around he's giving the media updates. these people don't grieve much.

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