Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Mel B's Daughter Slams Stephen Belafonte

Spice Girl Mel B's oldest daughter Phoenix speaks candidly about her horrible experiences with her mother's ex-husband Stephen Belafonte...

From The Sun
By then I was nearly ten years old and I’d woken up to the fact that life can just suddenly turn into a pile of crap. I’d had it so good for years. I had this amazing, funny, strong mother. I had this great family in Leeds. I had a dad who was my best friend. I had this movie- perfect life in Los Angeles, with sunshine, loads of great people in our lives and my dog, Lordy.
When Eddie (Murphy) came along, things got even better. He treated me like one of his kids and I started doing really well in school. And then it was like someone just switched the channel to this total s**tstorm show. The Stephen Show.
Stephen didn’t like me. Not in a grown-up “I disapprove of you” way. He was like a kid — a bigger, sneakier kid. He beat up my dog, and laughed when Lordy got so ill he had to be put down. “Now you don’t have to walk him.”
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Anonymous said...

welp, you can blame your mom for her bad descision making. perhaps things would have been better if she could keep her legs closed and didnt have a bunch of dudes in and out of the house. now shes teaching you to blame others.

Anonymous said...

Help me understand. What kind of mother stays 10 years with a man who treats her kid like shit? And what kind of woman allows a man to treat her kid like shit?

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Snitch your site keeps crashing and you have to reload. Shut the fuck up Mel you stayed married to that fool for 10 years, don't nobody want to hear your story, and stop trotting the kids out to tell your tale of woe. This is strictly on you, he did not hold a gun to your head. Bye Felicia!!

Anonymous said...

Anybody who lies about being related to Harry Belafonte probably does have it in him to abuse an animal. Hope ol girl is getting some real help. Looks like personal finances is first on the list since she's the main person who wants a Spice girls reunion in 2018/19. Mel wants that money so bad she doesn't even care that Victoria Beckham isn't on board.

advice from auntie said...

Stephen is a predator he befriended her lying that he was related to Harry Belafonte. Then when Eddie dumped her with child she was at her lowest and she was easy prey. Just because she famous don't men she can't be scammed.

He is a low down dirty snake and now she has to pick up the pieces of her life and rebuild. He will always be in her life because they have a daughter together.

She has to stop being emotional and play dirtier than him.

Anonymous said...

So mama a saint who was held at gunpoint in a ten year marriage with his devil ass
Got it
-Side eye

Anonymous said...

Eddie Murphy, the guy who gave u a quick fuck, dissed you, denied on national TV he was the father of your baby until a paternity test is given. Then refused to have any involment with Angel just child support till she 18 is the love of your life?! Looks to me like this broke bitch just trying to get Eddie back and sell her book. Low self esteem bitches! With this wierdo for 10 years?! Dumb ass bitch!

Don balee me juh watch said...

Her daughter looks like she could be her grandmother. Mel B is a disgrace.

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