Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Michael Jamar Ford Clarifies KeKe Wyatt Divorce Timeline

This week KeKe Wyatt's ex-husband Michael Jamar Ford denied her claims that he filed for divorce while she was pregnant and their oldest son was fighting for his life [click here if you missed that]. 

Michael Jamar lays out the real timeline...

...and proves KeKe was still trying to save her marriage to him right before marrying her new husband.

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Anonymous said...

Now these two are doing too much. At this point, we dont care move on already....some shit dont deserve a reaction

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Keke she's just too much but this ninja is a straight up Bytch! Keke let this be a lesson; you're already re-married so just STFU and enjoy life already!

Anonymous said...

Let's explore shall we; Hurt dog always hollers!

First off, Keke didn't say a damn word (other than the video of her saying he was leaving her last year) about them two. Yet Paris was going out of her way trolling, hashtagging it up, etc. for the past year. The moment she puts her two cents in after the fact, now SHE'S the one "ranting", as Paris's post states??

Number two, I find it mighty funny that Paris on her live went out of her way to point out that she didn't know Keke, wasn't around her, etc. But then turns around and "insisted she and Michael never hooked-up until he and KeKe broke-up and then said she hoped they could pull it together for the sake of the children."

That's the part I'm most confused about because unless she and Michael were talking/dealing prior to the official break-up, how would you know if the two of them were even having issues that they needed to "pull it together" for?? Why did this man/woman (whoever she was talking to at the time) feel compelled to let you in on what was going on in their world??

Furthermore, and lastly, that grassisgreener hashtag is a very telling sign that situation was brewing for quite some time prior to the split and that something had transpired. Why did that girl feel the need to troll the ex-wife in the first place in a way of saying "I stole your man and it’s better over here", if the two of them weren’t together when they hooked up?

But, however, at the end of the day, it’s really none of our business, and we’ll never truly know what went down in their household. Enjoy the show folks! lol

Tippie Hippie said...

Idiots get older but don't Mature.

Anonymous said...

A man of few words wouldn't have to explain a damn thing
But a bitch made one would
Keke's new man gets the sideeye for willfully walking into the insanity
She better watch him and let this back and forth go
Matter of fact who's watching the kids?

Anonymous said...

ms michael the cogic church queen really went and paid somebody to photoshop her a jawline. girllllllllllll you tried it pudgy

Anonymous said...

Paris acts like keke isnt crazy af and would beat her the fuck up. She should tread lightly.

Anonymous said...

Wayment, Keke is now remarried? Is her pussy lined with gold?

The "union" part of her obituary is going to read like drama script.

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

At the end of the day nobody, give two fuck about these dysfunctional ass children in adult bodies. Go sat down somewhere, sounds like someone is trying to get a reality show.

1:23 PM
Yo ass got way too much time on your hands dissecting this tragic bullshit, unless you from one of their camps trying to garner some fucks in their direction, I can't see a random ass person giving this much a fuck.

Felicia said...

The fact that even got himself caught in this Bitches web speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

@3:49 PM

Nah, just a regular joe, but a critical thinker that call BS on both sides, but just was speaking on one. Not even trying to get too deep into it, so you just got a couple points in my little book up top. It's cute you think I got a lotta time on my hands from me typing a lil something tho. Good day to you! ;)

Anonymous said...

5:03 PM I too, thought that was a bit much to be not somehow vested.

Anonymous said...

Warrior woman 3:49pm is right on point. There is nothing going on with these two crazy fools, to make anyone use their critical thinking skills. What a BIG waste of time.

Anonymous said...

He is lying.
she told the truth
He acts like a girl. He can not shut up.

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