Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mo'Nique Continues to Defend Roseanne Barr

Back in July comedian Mo'Nique was one of the few to come forward defending Roseanne Barr after she sent a racist Tweet about former Obama White House staffer Valerie Jarrett [click here if you missed that].

Mo'Nique stands by her word... her latest interview with The Chicago Tribune
...That’s why, when people turned on my sister Roseanne Barr, I couldn’t do it. Because there were black entertainers who would not come on “The Mo’Nique Show” because it was quote-unquote “too black.” But when I called on my sista, she said (imitating Barr): “Where is it and what time you need me to come?”
And when she showed up, when the cameras weren’t rolling, she said to me: “Listen, you’re the real deal. Don’t let them use you up and take advantage of you, because they will. Don’t you let them do that to you.”
Now, a racist woman ain’t gonna say that to me.
Q: But her tweets were blatantly racist.
A: I’m gonna say this: We’re comedians. And I know her. And what she thought was funny, as a comedian, that’s what it was.
Q: But wait, you challenged Charlamagne because you felt he was putting poison out into the community. You could argue that Roseanne, regardless of her intentions — and I would argue that her intentions didn’t feel humorous, they felt pretty dark — was putting poison out into the world.
A: When we talked privately — and we’ve talked privately a lot — she’ll break her jokes down and I’ll know where they’re coming from. She’s like, “Listen, you know how I grew up, so how could I start making fun of anybody? I’m not trying to hurt anybody.”.
Has she ever said, “Kill black people”?
Q: I don’t think that’s the line someone has to cross in order for their words to be racist.
A: And I can’t argue with what you’re saying — I can’t, baby! But here’s what I know about this woman: She was behind the scenes fighting for the black (concert) promoters. Nobody knows that. She’s behind the scenes trying to push a documentary about Malcolm X with a brother who’s a Muslim.
So when I know about this these things personally, did my sista say some things in poor taste? Some people could say yes. But what I won’t label her is a racist. When she sends me a DM that says, “My love, we will rise again like the Phoenix” — a racist woman wouldn’t do that, would she?
Go here to read the full interview.


Anonymous said...

IT WASN'T JUST THAT ONE TWEET MONIQUE YOU FAT-SKINNY HAIRY BITCH!!! She's said tons and tons of shit for years on her twitter like Obama is a muslim terrorist from Kenya and all that sick ass Alex Jones conspiracy psychobabble KKK white supremacist BULLSHIT!!! Ain't nobody fucking stupid but you two dizzy bitches!! Yall deserve each other!!! A HOT ASS MESS!! And watch for the comments "but she's funner than tiffany haddish" yea cause that's all a coon needs is a good belly laugh and all the fucked up shit they say and do is excused. Ask Katt Williams.


Unknown said...

One dumb bitch supporting another!!!! Monique and this bitch done blackballed themselves so they should support each other! No one respects either bitch!!!!!! I am so sorry for comparing both these people to female dogs, I mean no disrespect to the female pet population

Lala Jaymes said...

The ONLY way White supremacy if the WAY TOO MANY people they suppress...supports it....

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Monique focus on your own shit. Roseanne will be okay she's rich af. Roseanne was one of the first people to expose the mk ultra mind control they use on celebrities, hollyweird been waiting to get back at her ass. Her ass did not need to come back and do a do over of that tired ass show, that ran its course. Should have stay on her farm, be rich fat and happy, drinking wine and smoking weed. I don't know who in their right mind after making money in that filthy ass cesspool jump back in that craziness. Do you Monique she's a white woman she will be okay. Yo black still ain't got gigs.

Anonymous said...

@11:08 ITA when the parkers was on the air, she needed to be talking to Martin Lawrence about getting a bigger piece of pie because nothing lasts forever. If Halle and vivica's careers have taken a dip since the early 2000s, what happens to those who have average acting skills or look average? A big mouth, bad alliances and predatory husband has her working at venues the size of the average house.

Anonymous said...

Monique is not in any position to defend anyone especially a white racist rich woman who don't have to work again in her life if she don't want to. Monique on the other hand need a gig and a job to support her lazy ass open marriage husband who ain't shit and ain't doing shit but watching her fall. Monique fat ass need to worry about recovering whatever is left of her nothing career and let whitey handle themselves.

Anonymous said...

When will we learn to let wipipo and every other race of people hold their own nuts
They don't give a damn about black people and our struggles
They laugh at us when we forgive and do it again next week
Big dummy

Tippie Toes said...

I've never been a fan of Monique I think she backslides a lot on her what she claims she stands for and she is very self-centered.

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