Friday, November 16, 2018

Nelly Vows to Fight Rape Lawsuit

This week an unnamed woman from the UK filed a civil lawsuit against rapper Nelly and his girlfriend Shantell Jackson after accusing him of sexual misconduct and Shantell of defamation for calling her a liar  [click here if you missed that}

Nelly does not intend to take the accusations lying down...

In a statement to media Nelly writes,
I’ve been quiet for some time. But these baseless allegations hurt more than just me. The truth will come out, and I will be vindicated. These types of false allegations undermine real claims of sexual abuse/harassment by real victims.
To go after my girlfriend as well is unfair and goes too far. Shantel has been through enough. I am a father to a beautiful strong woman. I was raised by a strong single woman. I love them all very much. I own my actions and take responsibility for my conduct with Monique Greene. We had CONSENSUAL sex after meeting in a club. Period. I have been living in the limelight for my entire adult life. I have had zero allegations or issues in the past, I knew better! And for that, I had to deal with the repercussions of my poor choice. I am repairing the trust that I broke with Shantel, I have apologized to my family and friends for the embarrassment I have caused them. And, I am committed to be a better man.
Monique Greene pursued civil legal action against me when no criminal charges were filed or pursued. I responded with civil claims of my own against her. Ultimately, we both agreed to dismiss our claims against each other.
Now, that the same lawyer has filed or threatened to file a “Jane Doe” lawsuit. I do NOT plan on walking away quietly. I have to speak up for my family and for the real victims strong enough to come forward and face people that have actually assaulted them.
I want to thank Shantel, my family, friends, and fans that have stood next to me through all of this, and know my real character.

Monique Greene accused Nelly of raping her on his tour bus last year [click here if you missed that].


Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Had Nelly respected his "relationship" and not invited someone back to his tour bus, he would not be having these problems. Until you men learn to behave and conduct yourselves accordingly. You will continue to have these problems. Sexual immorality will be the downfall of those who live by a code of reckless sexual misconduct. Sex is sacred despite what you have been indoctrinated with.

Anonymous said...

8:06 Simple as that.

These men need to learn how to "jedi" these women and discipline their dicks. Oh, but that would be too much like right. I don't even know what he is "fighting" for?Nelly is trifling and just needs to let this whole case past over and/or pay this woman to go away. The damage has been done. As far as Shantell is concerned, I guess her love of money and a certain lifestyle takes precedence over any dignity to leave this fool.

Anonymous said...

So tired of this washed up ass creep always doing dum shit! Loss that freaking pencil mustache and ear rings !

Anonymous said...

@8:06 Exactly...Nelly looking like a sexual predator with all these allegations & that will fuck up the money... self inflicted problems...

Anonymous said...

Shantell is one of those 'understanding women'. Could not and would not be me. No one needs a community dick in their bed.

Anonymous said...

Yes @8:06
A person with Self control is sexier than community dack will ever be
These type of men can't even get it up after spreading themselves in Wilt Chamberlain numbers with anything that moves

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