Monday, November 12, 2018

Paris Bennett Addresses KeKe Wyatt Rumors

Last week KeKe Wyatt accused singer Paris Bennett of being her husband's mistress and breaking up their marriage [click here if you missed that].

On Saturday Paris went live on Instagram to clear up the rumors...

During her nearly hour long chat Paris insisted she was never Michael Ford's mistress and that she and KeKe were never friends, more like industry acquaintances. Paris claims to have only met KeKe once in 2012 at the Lucky Lounge in Atlanta and then again in 2016 at the Trumpet Awards.

Paris admitted singing back-up for KeKe but clarified she was a back-up singer at the Trumpet Awards where she sang back-up for ALL the performers, not just KeKe.

Paris also denied ever going to KeKe's house and claimed her use of the hashtag #IfOnlyYouKnew was completely random and kept repeating that the song belongs to Patti LaBelle, NOT KeKe Wyatt, and that even her own mother has recorded a version of it. She could not explain using the hashtag #thegrassisgreener

Paris insisted she and Michael never hooked-up until he and KeKe broke-up and then said she hoped they could pull it together for the sake of the children. She also denied being pregnant. 

Later Paris' cousin joined the chat and claimed KeKe and Michael BEEN broke up and said they weren't even together the last time they were filming.


Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah. A married man is a married man little girl. Another woman’s husband will NEVER truly be yours.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Girl bye!!!! don't nobody care about y'all and your damn dysfunctional ass relationship. All of y'all crazy.

AJ said...

Paris can't find nobody else, huh?!!

MsSapphire9800 said...

People always saying a married man is married...but once you check out mentally and physically...there is no marriage. She never respected him...she is 38...9 children and 3 marriage.

Unknown said...


this unfortunate looking liar and KeKes lying ass husband know good and damn well what it was/is.

don't try to save face now. I dare his bum ass to sue for defamation of character too! Ain't nobody begging his ass to stay(unless you believe him) but you and you cookie monster ass whore don't need to be lying about when an why you fukkN left!!!! FOH

Anonymous said...

ALL three are messy boots
I feel sorry for the children who couldn't even ease into the relationship with the new build a dad she moved in with a quickness or mourn the divorce properly

Anonymous said...

They weren't even together when I decided to be a dumb ass and become another baby momma.
I know I'm stupid, just let me be the stupid thirsty bitch I am!
I will tell my child when the time is right I didn't care about focusing on my dream. I just wanted some attention and he gave it to me. I'm insecure as fuck so getting pregnant by a man who has a lot of kids was the best thing that ever happened to me. I couldn't sing back up forever and American Idol was the only platform I could use to get noticed but they didn't like me there either.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t explain a damn thing if I was Paris. Paris’ name shouldn’t have even come out of Keke’s mouth. It would have been someone else if it hadn’t been Paris and KeKe knows it. Her issues are with Michael and not Paris.

Anonymous said...

She's lying! Of course that hastag #ifonlyuknew was directed at KeKe. Why should anyone believe this ugly bitch when she can't even stand on the truth about that. Rotten mouth bitch can't even own her shit.

Tippie Hippie said...


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