Thursday, November 22, 2018

Tyrese Continues to Battle Ex-Wife Over Child Support

R&B singer Tyrese accuses his ex wife Norma Gibson of refusing to contribute to the welfare of their daughter...

From TMZ
In docs, obtained by TMZ, Tyrese says Norma sat for a deposition and his attorney asked her straight-up what she did on August 21 ... a day when she racked up 7 hours of childcare bills. Norma's reply? She was busy "living life."
According to the docs, she further explained, "I am working. I am working on my book. I am working on my life. I am running errands at home."
Tyrese's attorneys say Norma is full of crap -- and truth is she feels ZERO obligation to find a job or contribute financially to raising their kid because Tyrese is rich and will cover everything.


Unknown said...

This bitch needs to shut up now!!!!
Oh, and for this bitches new wife-STOP upholding your husbands butt hurt fuckery!
He was as worried about her working while he was with her as he is YOU! He cant have his way and is consumed with fixing her and making her life hell because HE picked HER and feels she got the best of him!

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

I remember back in the day, listening to his songs Sweet Lady, Lately and many others. Seeing his videos on Youtube and just marveling my goddess what a beautiful Nubian god. Skin like chocolate butter so sculpted and perfect, features like a god, next to Tyson Beckford those were the two finest Nubian gods I have ever seen on the tv. But lately when I look at Tyrese all I see is ugliness and bitterness, he has truly poisoned his spirit with his envy, jealousness, bitterness and hatefulness. Capricorns are ruled over by Saturn Binah in the qabalah, the crone mother Saturn deals with the energies of the underworld, the great mother of understanding, but the polarity of Saturn is death, calcification, weakening of the bones, sickness. Saturn is the heaviest energies in the occult. Capricorn people are also represented in the tarot as the devil card, negative and addicted to negative thoughts, they imprison themselves by their own negativity. These tragic hoes must work to conquer their demons. Tyrese has truly maimed his spirit with bitterness, I would love to take a look at his natal chart, I bet he has some water energies, like Cancer, Scorpio of even Pisces holding on to stuff, and probably some Gemini energies too, their jealousy is legendary as well. This man has become his own devil, and has imprisoned himself in a hell of his own making. When I see him all I see is the 8 of swords, devil, 5 swords, 10 swords, 5 cups, Tower. This fool don't understand he's in essence destroying himself. Saturn is the hardest teacher of karma, your own karma you make.

Anonymous said...

Tyrese is his own worst enemy.^^^Capricorns^^^ What she said. Just ask R Kelly

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