Friday, December 21, 2018

Cynthia Bailey Turns on NeNe Leakes?

Earlier this week NeNe Leakes sent a cryptic Tweet about a friend who was secretly planning to double cross her [click here if you missed that].

 Was Nene talking about her bestie Cynthia Bailey...?
From Radar Online
Sources close to ‘RHOA’ told Radar Leakes was shocked to find out that Bailey went to Bravo executives and “actively campaigned to get Kenya [Moore] back on the show.”
“NeNe feels totally betrayed by Cynthia,” the snitch told Radar.


Anonymous said...

Well if adults stop being cowards on social media making "cryptic" posts and referencing unknown people and just say a name, then we woudn't have to play this Clue shit

EJ said...

Campaigning for Kenya isn't betraying NeNe. if she feels that way then she is not the Queen she pretends to be!

Anonymous said...

I thought Kenya was getting her own show? I hope Bravo never budges and allow Kenya to stay right where she is.

WGforreal said...

What makes Nene think she can control a grown woman? Friend or not. Nene's my way or the highway is simply a joke.

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