Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Doria Ragland Not Spending Christmas with the Royals

Last month there were rumors that Queen Elizabeth had broken a longstanding tradition by inviting Meghan Markle's mother to spend Christmas in Sandringham with the Royal family [click here if you missed that].

There's been a change in plans...

From People Magazine
Despite previous reports that Doria was invited to spend Christmas with the royal family, PEOPLE confirms that Meghan’s mother will not be present for the festivities. Meghan and Harry, who are expecting their first child in the spring, will join Prince William, Kate Middleton and other members of the royal family in Norfolk for Christmas with the Queen at Sandringham.


Gg57 said...

I doubt she even wants to. Her mom doesnt seem at all interested in that life. Her DAD on the other hand would give his right nut to go

ebonyhud said...

I understand it's a lifestyle, but I'll be damned if my mom can't attend a Christmas dinner because some man I want to be with is a royal. I guess they only follow tradition when it doesn't involve cheating on your wife and moving the hoe into the royal house. Does she get to go? Does anyone know?

Anon said...


If it wasn't for his right nut,Meghan Mulatto wouldn't be here.

Anonymous said...

The people want to know, does Doria have any living relatives? I see Black people praising Doria's family for not acting a fool but it appears that she's a loner who has no family. And if this is the case, this is a very sad outcome. For Doria to have no family and not be invited to her in-law's celebrations must hurt.

LFrich said...

^^ This. She always looks lonely. Notice that pic above. It's kind of sad. Did any other black relatives go to the wedding? I didn't watch that shit, so I don't know.

This is why I don't fuck with this girl. I'll be damned if I let them send my black mom to Nanny School while Kate Middleton's mom has a party empire. Nor would I let them isolate me from her on Christmas. She has all the means of the world at her disposal, but she keeps letting them shade the hell out of her BLACK mom. That's why the Royals let her white family keep chirping and talking ish about her publicly. They are already planting the seeds for her downfall.

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