Saturday, December 08, 2018

E! News Trolls Nicki Minaj Over Grammy Snub

Yesterday the 2019 Grammy Award nominations were announced and Nicki Minaj's name was no where to be found [click here if you missed that].

E! News trolls Nicki over the snub...

The post was later deleted.

Fun Fact: Nicki submitted 19 songs for consideration.


Anonymous said...

BITCH ITS OVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please fade into obscurity hoe!
tired ass pussy having ass!
this bitch should have submitted #shether for song of the decade!
this bitch really fucked and sucked NAS to get rid of shether!

Rainy Dayz said...

If it's over (over)
If it's over (over)
Baby if it's over (over)
Won't you let me know

Bitch your time is up. If you didn't get a Grammy in your prime for making funny noises and faces and taking out two bars just to laugh you're not getting one now for just now trying to actually rap but can only mention bitches being your sons, mentioning your stats and your pussy. Bitch you are ironed and ready to be picked up by your owner which is a pedophile or a rapist I'm sure. Time is up girl bye.

Don balee me juh watch said...

@10:17 and 10:39 you’re delusional. Clearly the same person with the jealous Nicki rants every post. Why consecutive comments tho? Is it that deep?

Rainy Dayz said...

@10:48 you're obviously an ironed garb. I didn't make the other comment but I agree with them. That bitch is done and you, her REAL sons couldn't get her album she boldly titled queen to #1. You're mad lol lol lol lol lol lol

_-__♥►•♔══☆24hrCelebrityGossip/IG -*-☆══♔♥ said...

Hang it up......flat screen

Anonymous said...

LOL....19 submissions is unheard of....I know she's HOT!!! Nikki taking L's and has yet to hire a more professional PR Team. That because she's too arrogant to realize with her accomplishments she don't need to engage with instigators or industry newbies.
Because her spirit is rotten at the core she thinks she need to keep that STANK attitude going. When she needs to be thankful & humble herself. Again, her professional accomplishments cant be denied. Therefor, she should be grateful and unbothered. Instead she acts like an immature high school teen that constantly reacts to negativity & thinks the World should revolve around her.

That stance is toxic and not likeable and for those reasons people are over her...Get your spirit right & then you'll find happiness

Anonymous said...

@ 10:48 - I used to be a Nicki fan but it's over. She never grew up and now, she going to pay big girl prices (e.g. no awards, no tour sales, low album sales, etc.) for her behavior. I wish her well though; she'll be ok if she stops lying to herself about where she fits in in the industry. Bless her heart...

Anonymous said...

@10:48 You are so trite; you make that same comment every nicki post. You can't seem to come to grips that MANY people are fed up with Nicki's old ass and shenanigans.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

One par for the course.

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