Friday, December 21, 2018

John Legend Open to Hosting the Oscars

Earlier this month comedian Kevin Hart walked away from hosting the Oscars after refusing to apologize for 10 year old homophobic Tweets and for joking that his biggest fear is his son turning out gay [click here if you missed that].

Singer / song writer John Legend is willing to fill the void...

John tells The Hollywood Reporter:
''I feel like it's a thankless job. Nobody really wins from hosting the Oscars. It doesn't really end up great for anybody. I'm not saying we're ruling it out.''


Anonymous said...

John, don't nobody wanna see your dry ass boring everybody during the Oscars. Plus, you'll bring that funny looking ass wife of yours on stage with you to annoy us.

Oscars, please don't do it!

Anonymous said...

I hope they do it just to piss off that crank @ 10:06 PM.

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