Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Male Accuser Drops Usher Medical Records Request

Back in June the lone male accuser in the Usher herpes lawsuit filed a motion requesting Usher's medical records [click here if you missed that].

John Doe is backing down...
From The Blast
The John Doe suing Usher for allegedly exposing him to herpes during a purported sexual encounter at an L.A. spa has dropped his request for the singer to turn over his medical records.
According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the unidentified man is withdrawing his motion to compel, which sought to have Usher turn over doctors records and information on any possible past settlements over herpes.
The docs note that he could bring the motion again but for now he will continue with “further discovery.”


Anonymous said...

damn yall used a sexy pic of him but I can't look at him the same knowing the way he throws that D around or listen to let it burn ever again.

Anonymous said...

The check cleared, apparently.

Chyna3032 said...

@8:53 apparently!

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