Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Duane Martin Used Will and Jada to Defraud Bankruptcy Court

Two years ago Duane Martin and his estranged wife Tisha Campbell filed for bankruptcy and were later accused of trying to hide assets [click here and here if you missed that].

Now Duane's pals Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith have been dragged into their scandal...

From TMZ
Bankruptcy officials claim Duane Martin hid money for years from several different sources ... even though he and Tisha filed for bankruptcy in January 2016. It's very complicated, but according to the docs ... Duane had hundreds of thousands of dollars coming in from a clothing store and a real estate investment, but didn't disclose that info in bankruptcy documentation.
Officials say they became privy of Duane's shady financial moves after Tisha filed for divorce from him in February and discovered her estranged hubby "concealed" and "diverted valuable assets" in their bankruptcy case.
Specifically, the docs say Duane used a $1.4 million loan he got from his friends, Will and Jada, through their company to buy a home and sell it later for a million dollar profit "with the intention of pocketing the sales."


Malika said...

See, this is why I don't rock with shady people. I got enough problems without "the man" looking at my taxes from the last 7 years, all because you gotta buy expensive shit you can't afford.

Anonymous said...

I kind of thought he would be the guilty one in this instance. For more than 30 years, Tisha has mostly been in front of the camera making money. This dude right here... he's actor/sports agent, then a restaurateur, now he's got a secret clothing store. I understand Hollywood isn't for everyone but there's a negative aura about him.

Anonymous said...

So, it appears that Will finances Duanes hair-brained schemes. lol However, I am sort of disappointed that Will & Jada loaned a married man 1.4 million without the wife's knowledge. That is wrong and hopefully Jada had no part in that. You don't plot up against other married women and so that loan probably was a "gift" from Will. How does a married man receive such an astronomical amount of cash without telling his wife? That is very shady because he placed her in a bad position with the courts. No telling what gifts he has been given over the years.He's always been like a want to be pretty boy, especially in Inkwell.Name me one Black man, rich or poor, who loans out astronomical amounts of cash to another man? Hell ost wouldn';t give their own kids 1.4 million. lol Something isn't right there.

Anonymous said...

Never liked him or anything he's ever done. Him & Tisha are the biggest wannabe's.

Anon said...


Pleeze, women plot against married or single women all the time.
Its little favors, the husband picking her from work when she has car trouble or giving her money because she behind on a monthly bill. I've seen it with my own eyes. My own family.
Borrow someone husband for yardwork, car fixing, etc.

Anonymous said...

@1:39, I hate to break it to you but not that many Black men have $1.4 mil in the bank to loan. The ones that do have are most definitely helping out many of their family, friends and relatives....i.e., NFL and NBA players.

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