Saturday, December 22, 2018

Mistress Claims Mara Brock Akil Knew About Her Affair with Salim Akil

Last month Love Is... producer Salim Akil was sued by his former mistress Amber Brenner for sexual abuse and breach of contract after she accused him of stealing her idea for Love Is... [click here if you missed that].

Now the mistress claims Salim's wife and co-producer Mara Brock Akil knew all about their relationship...

From Deadline
DEADLINE: What prompted you to want to make your story with the Akils public?
BRENNER: It started when Mara was on the cover of some magazine and she stood along with other women in the industry talking about #MeToo or Time’s Up. I read it and I was appalled and I felt disregarded and that the issues from the relationship that in the past I had tried to resolve or discuss regarding violence she was very silent about. Like not responding to texts earlier on in the relationship.
DEADLINE: Just to be clear, Mara was aware of your affair with Salim?
BRENNER: Oh, yes.
DEADLINE: So, what happened when you tried to reach out to Salim and Mara about this?
BRENNER: Salim blocked my phone number. But I first reached out to Mara when she was on the cover of that magazine. I wrote her an email saying how is it that you come forward now when in your private life you knew that your husband had a habit of hitting me?
The letter I wrote was very thorough.
I said I came to know it as reflective of the definition of abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and the abuse of power also based upon their stature in the industry and otherwise.
Read the full interview here


Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

@Salim blocked my number = hell hath no fury like a scorned women. Y'all men gon learn today.

E-STROKES said...

Brenner fuckin Mara husband and she expects her to have dialogue with her and fight for rights? These hos are very diseased in the head. This is a takedown. Plain and simple. Ol’ boy brought it on himself. But his bitch Brenner is married with TWO KIDS and she ��‍♀️
Around like she ‘s vassal virgin.

CityMultipli said...

If you watched the show which was a semi-autobiography it was clear that he had Mara mad open from the beginning and he was with the shits from the beginning. So it's no surprise that he had a side chick. Looks like she thought she was gonna come up by being his mistress but apparently that didn't work out for her. However, OWN did shut down the show sooo

Anonymous said...

This is what I believe it is, Salim and Amber are two very sick people who practice S&M. I think both of their spouses know and don't give a darn because beating and weird stuff isn't their cup of tea. Salim has that demon in him that likes to hurt, beat, & violate woman and Amber has the broken spirit that tortures her and makes her believe she should be violated. Like I said, two very sick people. I think Salim's S&M goes even beyond what is considered normal because he rammed finger in her rectum in public and peed in her mouth knowing she's someones mother. The sad thing is Salim stealing Ambers idea is a part of him hating her and hating women. However, she thought in some twisted way he loved her because I am pretty certain the men in her life growing up hurt her too. Poor child, but I knew she was ill when she wrote his wife as if that is normal. smh. Oprah will hand Salim his @ss. lol

Anonymous said...

From the get, something about the show didn't seem right to me. I tried to get into it, but an episode and a half in, I was out. Something about it seemed forced and almost unlikeable. My gut was right.

Anonymous said...

Oprah no longer owns OWN. She sold it and received 70 million dollars.

Mephime said... true! I felt the exact same thing!

Anonymous said...

@2:44 you're on point with your assessment. Maybe Mara knew and gave him the green light. Maybe they have an open marriage. Who knows but something always seemed off about these two. I always got gay vibes from her & artist guys like him love to conquer as much poon as possible.....but right now his a tions fukin with the money...

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