Thursday, December 06, 2018

R Kelly Suspected of Shutting Down Documentary Screening

This week a bomb threat was called into the NeueHouse Madison Square right before the screening of the new Lifetime documentary about R. Kelly called 'Surviving R. Kelly [click here if you missed that].'

Kellz ex-wife Andrea Kelly believes he had something to do with it...
Drea tells Variety,
“I can’t speak to what he would or would not do because I don’t know what his mindset is right now, but I would say that I don’t believe in happenstance, I don’t believe that anything is a coincidence. I do believe that in some shape, form or fashion it is connected to him. Now, whether he orchestrated it or not, that I cannot say. But I just do not believe in coincidences. Of all the theaters, of all the nights, of all the premiers, it happened with us.”


Anonymous said...

girl, sit your pedophile, co-signing ass all the way down. You lost face with me when you stayed with this dude after he pissed, not peed, all over that baby.

Anonymous said...

drea sure gotta a lot of time on her hands
If he disgusts her so much why hold on to hi$ last name

Anonymous said...

Why don't she just go somewhere. She was with him blind and happy while he was doing all of this shit. She just irks my nerves!

Anon said...

Nay. She didn't just be with him, she was with him, departed and was back. Concious decisions she made.
But on subject, I think she's right.


☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

He is trying very hard to keep his image from being even more fucked that what he is. I read that book about Sex Me Daddy about the girl that was fucking with him. Dude is shit.

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