Thursday, December 27, 2018

Travis Scott Caught Stealing Tracks

Rapper Travis Scott outed for stealing music and passing it off as his own to Kanye West...

In a recent interview recording artist Victoria Monét explains how Travis got caught stealing tracks.

From High Snobiety 

You’ve done a lot of work for other artists outside of Ariana [Grande]. You have a credit on “Sin City” off of the Cruel Summer album. How did that come about?
You really want to know?
I do.
Funny story. Travis Scott when he first moved to LA he was living with me and Tommy on our couch. So basically, Travis Scott took files from Tommy Brown and took them to Kanye and said he produced them and it was on video. He took a song I had written a hook to and took it to Teyana Taylor for her to do and change a little bit. So Tommy ended up finding out because the footage was on his hard drive or something. I can’t quite remember, but he saw him in the studio trying to act like he made the beat.


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Uh oh

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He's truly a Jenner now!

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