Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Venus and Serena's Father Can No Longer Speak

Earlier this year Venus and Serena Williams father Richard Williams was ordered to get a mental evaluation after giving incoherent answers during a hearing for his lawsuit against his estranged wife [click here if you missed that].

New court filings show Mr. Williams health has deteriorated even more...

From The Daily Mail
Richard Williams, tennis champions Serena and Venus Williams' father, reveals he is in such a terrible medical condition that he can barely speak and has given power of attorney to his son who acts as his interpreter.
The tennis coach also claims in court documents against his estranged wife Lakeisha, 38, that his signature was forged on mortgage papers which transferred his Florida home into her name.
In the papers filed on November 27, Williams showed examples of his signature from 2002 compared to the 2017 documents he claims bear the forgeries.
His lawyers say if he did sign the documents his 'mental capacity was compromised' from the strokes and he did not understand what he was signing.
The new legal documents submitted to Florida's Palm Beach County Circuit Court reveal just how bad Richard's health has become.
In 2016, it was reported he had suffered one stroke. But court papers show he in fact has had two.
Williams also suffers from a neurological condition which affects his mouth and means he can only speak through his son 45-year-old Chavoita LeSane, who has now been given power of attorney.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a classic case Alzheimer's disease. If so, I'm surprised the family didn't better prepare for this.

Money can't solve every real life problem.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Papa Williams!

WoahNellie said...

That poor man. I hope his son does right by him.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Mr. Williams is truly a man's man. He showed and proved to the world just how much a black father can be beneficial to his family and that they do exist. He...along with his kids made it possible to add their names to our already amazing black history accomplishments. Well done...well done.

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