Saturday, January 19, 2019

Alexis Skyy Dry Snitching on Blac Chyna?

This week former stripper Blac Chyna threw a drink on rapper Fetty Wap's baby mama, reality starlet Alexis Skyy, who retaliated by hooking-up with Chyna's baby daddy Rob Kardashian [click here if you missed that].

Alexis turns up the pressure...

Fun Fact: Soundcloud rapper Kid Buu is a convicted child abuser and has been romantically linked to Blac Chyna for several months. 


Anonymous said...

All these new plastic, fake ass bitches got one thing in common....they dont have the capacity to love anybody. Just a bunch of souless leeches. Rotten as fuck inside

Anonymous said... chyna broke and her skin bleach cream a bust and she got to go back to skripping to make ends meet eh? Alexis air who look just like black vagina wants attention and to get media attention you mess with a Kardashian. Sick of these silicon hos already.

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