Monday, January 21, 2019

Blac Chyna Accused of Child Neglect

Last night an anonymous tipster claimed Blac Chyna was too drunk to care for her daughter...

From TMZ
Law enforcement sources tell us an anonymous person called in Sunday night and stated Chyna was drunk at her home. The caller claimed Chyna was in such bad shape, she couldn't properly care for her daughter, Dream Kardashian.
Cops went to Chyna's house and determined everything was fine, nobody was drunk, and Dream was being properly cared for. There was also a nanny at the home.
Sources close to the situation tell us earlier in the night, Chyna got in a fight with a member of her glam team and the incident may have triggered the call to cops.

Fun Fact: Last week one of Blac Chyna's rivals claimed she'd lost custody of her kids [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

Alexis need to stop playing on people phone

Anonymous said...

I'm too drunk to care and Rob too fat to care either. Like all of a sudden the world cares about a ugly ass pumpkin headed girl with a ugly ass bobble head boy by a ugly ass drug addict stripper. But oh, it's a Kardashian so let's care. GTFOH!

Anonymous said...

Plenty kids out there really being neglected.

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