Monday, January 28, 2019

Chris Brown Accuser Claims She was Pressured Into Sex

Last week R&B singer Chris Brown was released without charges after being detained for 24 hours after he was accused of rape in Paris [click here if you missed that].

The alleged victim claims she was "pressured" into having sex with Chris and his bodyguard...

From The AP
The lawyer for a woman who filed a rape complaint in Paris against American singer Chris Brown and two other men said Thursday that his client was under “great psychological pressure” at a luxury hotel when “non-consensual sex” allegedly took place inside locked rooms.
The accuser’s lawyer, Franck Serfati, told The Associated Press the woman, a 23-year-old student, said she “was not pressured physically” in Brown’s hotel suite but in an “environment with great psychological pressure” from large, older men.
Brown allegedly “cornered her in a room that was locked,” Serfati said in an interview Thursday. “There were forced sexual relations and then he went to talk to other men - it was a masculine environment.”
Chris has filed a defamation of character lawsuit against his accuser [click here if you missed that].


Tippie Hippie said...

Damn at this point she should just STFU! Story is changing more than she changes her panties!

Anonymous said...

^^^^Nope we all know it's all about money. Any lawyer will get involved and the goal is for Chris Brown to pay them to go away. This star struck bitch fucked Chris AND the body guard for free then realized she should should have gotten paid. Real bitches know get the money up front.

Anonymous said...

If you go to Chris Brown's hotel room, you will be putting out for him AND his friends. That's pretty much a given.

This trick mad that she didn't get paid. Nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

12:15,1:05,and 1:28....what if she was raped?

Unknown said...

I don’t put nothing past these celebrities. I believe the sex was consensual until it got rough and they told that bitch they ain’t paying and she pulled the “I was raped” shit. Niggas like Chris cause their own misery doing stupid shit.

The King Of The Real said...

Chris needs to get a guy who checks ids, photographs it, has nda and consent forms and isn't fucking the hoes with him. Otherwise this is gonna happen.

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